English Quiz: Conjunctions

Topic: Conjunctions

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - Wait here ____ I get back.
Q2 - I'll visit you ____ I have time.
Q3 - We'll be ready ___ the time you get back.
Q4 - We'll leave ____ we're ready.
Q5 - I'll be glad ____ it's finished.
Q6 - We must finish it ____ we leave.
Q7 - I hurt myself ____ I was playing tennis.
Q8 - I'll give her the message ____ she arrives.
Q9 - I'll be ready when she ____.
Q10 - I'll only pay you ____ you finish the work.
Q11 - We turned back _____ it was raining.
Q12 - _____ I was tired, I managed to finish the work.
Q13 - I was tired, ____ I managed to finish the work
Q14 - I did it while he ____ away.

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