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Reds under the bed
An ironic allusion to the obsession some people have that there are reds (communists) everywhere plotting violent revolution.
Roll out the red carpet
If you roll out the red carpet, you treat someone in a special way, especially when welcoming them.
Rose-colored glasses
If people see things through rose-colored (coloured) glasses, they see them in a more positive light than they really are.
Rose-tinted glasses
If people see things through rose-tinted glasses, they see them in a more positive light than they really are.
Sail under false colours
Someone who sails under false colours (colors) is hypocritical or pretends to be something they aren't in order to deceive people.
Scarlet woman
This idiom is used as a pejorative term for a sexually promiscuous woman, especially an adulteress.
Scream blue murder
If someone shouts very loudly in anger, or fear, they scream blue murder.
See red
If someone sees red, they become very angry about something.
Show your true colors
To show your true colors is to reveal yourself as you really are.
Straight red
If someone is given a straight red, they are expelled from something immediately and without warning- it comes from the red card shown to football players when they are expelled from a game.
Talk a blue streak
(USA) If someone talks a blue streak, they speak quickly and at length. ('Talk up a blue streak' is also used.)
Thin blue line
(UK) The thin blue line is a term for the police, suggesting that they stand between an ordered society and potential chaos. (Police uniforms are blue.)
Tickled pink
If you are very pleased about something, you are tickled pink.
Till you're blue in the face
If you do something till you're blue in the face, you do it repeatedly without achieving the desired result until you're incredibly frustrated.
True blue
A person who is true blue is loyal and dependable, someone who can be relied on in all circumstances.
True blue
Someone who is true blue is extremely loyal.
True colours
If someone shows their true colours, they show themselves as they really are. ('True colors' is the American spelling.)
Under false colours
If someone does something under false colours/colors, they pretend to be something they are not in order to deceive people so that they can succeed.
Walk the green mile
Someone or something that is walking the green mile is heading towards the inevitable.
White as a ghost
When someone is very shocked at something that they see or that has happened, they may appear white as a ghost.
White as a sheet
A bad shock can make somebody go as white as a sheet.
White feather
If someone shows a white feather, they are cowards.
White lie
If you tell a white lie, you lie in order not to hurt someone's feelings.
With flying colours (colors)
If you pass something with flying colours (colors), you pass easily, with a very high mark or grade.
Yellow press
The yellow press is a term for the popular and sensationalist newspapers.
Yellow streak
If someone has a yellow streak, they are cowardly about something.
A yellow-bellied person is a coward.

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