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In so many words
This phrase may be used to mean 'approximately' or 'more or less'. I think it may have a sarcastic connotation in that the individual listening needed 'so many words' to get the point. It also may suggest the effort on the part of the speaker to explain an unpleasant truth or difficult concept.
In spades
(UK) If you have something in spades, you have a lot of it.
In stitches
If someone is in stitches, they are laughing uncontrollably.
In store
If you know what is in store for you, you know what will happen to you, usually in the near future. (It can also be used in the negative)
In tandem
If people do things in tandem, they do them at the same time.
In the afterglow
When people feel joy and happiness following a positive event, they are in the afterglow of  it.
In the bag
If something is in the bag, it is certain that you will get it or achieve it
In the can
If a movie is in the can, filming has been completed.
In the clear
If someone is in the clear, they are no longer suspected of or charged with wrongdoing.
In the dark
If you're in the dark, you don't know what is happening around you.
In the hole
If someone is in the hole, they have a lot of problems, especially financial ones.
In the hot seat
If someone's in the hot seat, they are the target for a lot of unwelcome criticism and examination.
In the know
If you are in the know, you have access to all the information about something, which other people don't have.
In the limelight
When you are in the limelight, you are at the center of attention.
In the long run
This means 'over a long period of time', 'in the end' or 'in the final result'.
In the loop
If you're in the loop, you are fully informed about what is happening in a certain area or activity.
In the lurch
If you are left in the lurch, you are suddenly left in an embarrassing or tricky situation.
In the making
When something is in the making, it means it is in the process of being made.
In the offing
If something is in the offing, it is very likely to happen soon.
In the pipeline
If something's in the pipeline, it hasn't arrived yet but its arrival is expected.
In the running
If you have a reasonable chance, you're in the running.
In the saddle
If you're in the saddle, you are in control of a situation.
In the same boat
If people are in the same boat, they are in the same predicament or trouble.
In the short run
This refers to the immediate future.
In the swim
If you are in the swim, you are up-to-date with and fully informed about something.
In the swing
If things are in the swing, they are progressing well.
In the zone
If you are in the zone, you are very focused on what you have to do.
In turn
This means one after the other. Example: She spoke to each of the guests in turn.
In two minds
If you are in two minds about something, you can't decide what to do.
In your element
If you are in your element, you feel happy and relaxed because you are doing something that you like doing and are good at. "You should have seen her when they asked her to sing; she was in her element."
Ins and outs
If you know the ins and outs of something, you know all the details.
Inside story
The inside story is information or an explanation that is known only by people closely involved with something.
Into thin air
If something vanishes or disappears without trace, it vanishes into thin air; no-one knows where it has gone.
Iron in the fire
If you have an iron in the fire, you have a project, undertaking or plan of action; having several irons in the fire means you have more than one.
Irons in the fire
A person who has a few irons in the fire has a number of things working to their advantage at the same time.
It ain't over till the fat lady sings
This idiom means that until something has officially finished, the result is uncertain.
It is what it is
This is used when a person, place or thing is behaving in accordance with their nature, so that behavior should be accepted or expected even if it is not what you would like.
It's a wrap
If something is a wrap, it is completed, especially a scene being filmed.
It's as broad as it is long
(UK) Used to express that it is impossible to decide between two options because they're equal.
It's been a slice
(USA) When someone leaves and you have said your goodbyes it is usually the last thing you may say..........It's been a slice. I use it after a visit where we have had a good time.
Itch to
If you are itching to do something, you are very eager to do it.
Je ne sais quoi
"Je ne sais quoi" comes from French, and means "I don't know what". If someone has a certain je ne sais quoi, they have a quality, usually pleasant, that is elusive or difficult to describe.
Jet set
Very wealthy people who travel around the world to attend parties or functions are the jet set.
Jog my memory
If you jog someone's memory, you say words that will help someone trying to remember a thought, event, word, phrase, experience, etc.
Join the club
Said when someone has expressed a desire or opinion, meaning "That viewpoint is not unique to you". It can suggest that the speaker should stop complaining since many others are in the same position. Example: "If this train doesn't come, I'll be late for work!"  "Join the club!"
Jump a queue
If you jump a queue, you go to the front without waiting in line.
Jump off the page
If someone jumps off the page, he or she stands out or is extraordinarily intelligent or talented.
Jump through hoops
If you are prepared to jump through hoops for someone, you are prepared to make great efforts and sacrifices for them.
Jump to a conclusion
If someone jumps to a conclusion, they evaluate or judge something without a sufficient examination of the facts.
Just around the corner
If something is just around the corner, then it is expected to happen very soon.

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