Phrasal Verbs Using 'Block'

Block in

Park a car and obstruct another car

Example:I couldn't drive here this morning because someone had BLOCKED me IN.

Block in

Shade or fill in

Example:He BLOCKED IN the events in his calendar.

Block off

Obstruct an exit to prevent people from leaving

Example:The police BLOCKED OFF the road after the murder.

Block off

Book or earmark a period of time

Example:They BLOCKED OFF a week to decorate my house.

Block out

Stop light from entering or leaving

Example:The trees BLOCK the sun OUT most of the day.

Block out

Try not think about or feel something because it is upsetting or painful

Example:It was so unpleasant that I try to BLOCK it OUT- otherwise, I'd just be angry all the time.

Block up

Fill a space so that nothing can pass

Example:The pipe's BLOCKED UP and no water gets through.