Phrasal Verbs with 'Blow'

Blow away


Example: He grabbed a gun and BLEW the police officer AWAY.

Blow away

Beat rivals or competitors by a large margin

Example: Their new product has BLOWN all the others AWAY.

Blow away

Impress greatly

Example: Her first novel BLEW me AWAY.

Blow away

When the wind moves something from a place

Example: The flag BLEW AWAY in the storm; we'll have to buy a new one.

Blow down

When the wind forces something to fall

Example: A tree was BLOWN DOWN in the storm.

Blow in

Arrive, sometimes suddenly or unexpectedly

Example: He BLEW IN from Toronto early this morning.

Blow off

Not keep an appointment

Example: We were going to meet last night, but she BLEW me OFF at the last minute.

Blow off

Ignore, not do something

Example: I BLEW the homework OFF and did badly.

Blow off

Expel gas from the anus

Example: He BLEW OFF in front of everybody.

Blow out

Extinguish candles, matches, etc.

Example: She BLEW the candles OUT on her birthday cake.

Blow out

Defeat decisively

Example: The Broncos BLEW OUT the Raiders 55-0.

Blow over

When a scandal gets forgotten

Example: The scandal BLEW OVER within a fortnight when the press found someone else to attack.

Blow up


Example: The bomb BLEW UP without any warning.

Blow up


Example: The pressure was low, so I BLEW the tyre UP.

Blow up

Enlarge (e.g., photograph).

Example: BLOW UP that photo so we can see his face.

Blow up

The beginning of a storm

Example: A storm BLEW UP while we were out walking.

Blow up

Lose your temper, become angry

Example: They BLEW UP when they heard what I had done wrong.