Phrasal Verb 'Die'

We have 7 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Die'.

Die away

Meaning: Become quieter or inaudible (of a sound)

Example: The last notes DIED AWAY and the audience burst into applause.

Die back

Meaning: When the parts of a plant above ground die, but the roots remain alive

Example: The plant DIES BACK in the winter.

Die down

Meaning: Decrease or become quieter

Example: It was on the front pages of all the papers for a few days, but the interest gradually DIED DOWN.

Die for

Meaning: Want something a lot

Example: I'm DYING FOR the weekend- this week's been so hard.

Die off

Meaning: Become extinct

Example: Most of the elm trees in the UK DIED OFF when Dutch elm disease arrived.

Die on

Meaning: Die or cease to function at an important time

Example: My computer DIED ON me the night before I had to submit my paper.

Die out

Meaning: Become extinct or disappear

Example: Some scientists say that the dinosaurs DIED OUT when a comet hit the earth and caused a nuclear winter.