Phrasal Verb 'Dig'

We have 8 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Dig'.

Dig in

Meaning: Start eating greedily

Example: We were starving so we really DUG IN when the food finally did arrive.

Dig in

Meaning: Excavate a protective shelter (military)

Example: Anticipating an artillery barrage, we quickly DUG IN.

Dig into

Meaning: Reach inside to get something

Example: She DUG INTO her handbag and pulled out a bunch of keys.

Dig out

Meaning: Find something you haven't used, seen, etc, for a long time

Example: I DUG OUT my old university essays.

Dig out

Meaning: Dig to remove something or someone

Example: They had to DIG the survivors of the earthquake OUT from the ruins.

Dig up

Meaning: Find something that is supposed to be secret

Example: The reporters eventually DUG UP the truth about the affair.

Dig up

Meaning: Remove something from the ground

Example: The police DUG UP a body.

Dig up

Meaning: Make a hole in a road, the ground, etc

Example: The council have DUG the road UP.