Phrasal Verbs with 'Fall'

Fall about

Laugh a lot

Example: We FELL ABOUT when we heard what she'd done.

Fall apart

Break into pieces

Example: The box FELL APART when I picked it up.

Fall apart

Become emotionally disturbed and unable to behave normally

Example: He FELL APART when they sacked him.

Fall back


Example: The army FELL BACK after losing the battle.

Fall back on

Be able to use in an emergency

Example: It was good to have some money in the bank to FALL BACK ON when I lost my job.

Fall behind

Make less progress

Example: I was ill for a week and FELL BEHIND with my work.

Fall down

Fall on the ground

Example: I slipped on the ice and FELL DOWN.

Fall down

Have a weak point

Example: The argument FALLS DOWN when you look at how much it'll cost.

Fall for

Be attracted to somebody, fall in love

Example: He FELL FOR her the moment their eyes met.

Fall for

Believe a lie or a piece of deception

Example: He FELL FOR my story and allowed me yet another extension for the submission of my thesis.

Fall in


Example: The ceiling FELL IN hurting a lot of people.

Fall into

Start doing something unplanned

Example: I just FELL INTO my job when an opportunity came up.

Fall off


Example: The membership FELL OFF dramatically when the chairperson resigned.

Fall out

Argue and be on bad terms with someone

Example: They FELL OUT over the decision and hardly speak to each other any more.

Fall out

Lose hair

Example: He's started getting worried about baldness because his hair is FALLING OUT rather quickly.

Fall over

Fall on the ground

Example: I slipped on the ice and FELL OVER.

Fall through

Be unsuccessful

Example: The plans FELL THROUGH when planning permission was refused.

Fall under

Become controlled

Example: At first he was independent, but then he FELL UNDER their influence.