English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: F

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'F'

Showing 58 Verbs, 134 Phrasal Verbs

Face (2)

Face off
- Confront
Face up to
- Accept an unpleasant truth

Faff (2)

Faff about
- Behave indecisively
Faff around
- Behave indecisively

Fall (14)

Fall about
- Laugh a lot
Fall apart
- Break into pieces
- Become emotionally disturbed and unable to behave normally
Fall back
- Retreat
Fall back on
- Be able to use in an emergency
Fall behind
- Make less progress
Fall down
- Fall on the ground
- Have a weak point
Fall for
- Be attracted to somebody, fall in love
- Believe a lie or a piece of deception
Fall in
- Collapse
Fall into
- Start doing something unplanned
Fall off
- Decrease
Fall out
- Argue and be on bad terms with someone
- Lose hair
Fall over
- Fall on the ground
Fall through
- Be unsuccessful
Fall under
- Become controlled

Farm (1)

Farm out
- Give or contract work to someone else

Fart (2)

Fart about
- Waste time doing silly things
Fart around
- Waste time doing pointless things

Fasten (4)

Fasten down
- Tie something so that it doesn't move
Fasten on
- Give attention to something that confirms your beliefs
Fasten onto
- Follow someone closely, normally when they don't want your company
- Give attention to something that confirms your beliefs
Fasten up
- Close, attach

Fathom (1)

Fathom out
- Understand something

Fatten (1)

Fatten up
- Give an animal a lot to eat to make it fat

Fawn (2)

Fawn on
- Praise someone in an excessive way to get their favour or something from them
Fawn over
- Praise someone in an excessive way to get their favour or something from them

Feed (3)

Feed off
- Eat a food as part of an animals diet
- Use something to your advantage
Feed on
- Grow stronger
- Consume in an animal's diet
- Give someone a particular food
Feed up
- Give someone a lot of food to restore their health, make them bigger, etc

Feel (2)

Feel up
- Touch sexually, grope
Feel up to
- Feel capable of doing something

Fence (2)

Fence in
- Enclose an area
Fence off
- Enclose an area to keep animals or people out

Fend (2)

Fend for
- Take care of yourself or someone without help from other people
Fend off
- Resist something successfully
- Push an attacker away

Ferret (1)

Ferret out
- Search and discover something

Fess (2)

Fess up
- Confess, admit something reluctantly
- Give
Fess up to
- Confess, admit reluctantly to something

Fetch (1)

Fetch up
- Arrive unintentionally

Fiddle (3)

Fiddle about
- Waste time doing silly things, or doing things unsuccessfully
Fiddle around
- Waste time doing silly things, or unsuccessful things
- Make small movements with your hands
Fiddle away
- Waste time

Fight (3)

Fight back
- Defend yourself, resist an attack
- Try to control and emotion and keep it hidden
Fight it out
- Struggle to see who wins, both by arguing or fighting
Fight off
- Fight an attacker and force them back
- Resist an illness or emotion

Figure (2)

Figure on
- Plan, expect
Figure out
- Find the answer to a problem

File (2)

File away
- Put a document in the correct place for storage in a filing system
File for
- Apply for something legally, like divorce or bankruptcy

Fill (5)

Fill in
- Complete a form
- Substitute someone at work
Fill in for
- Substitute
Fill in on
- Give someone information
Fill out
- Complete a form
Fill up
- Fill something completely

Filter (2)

Filter in
- Move into a lane of traffic without making other cars stop
Filter out
- Remove something unwanted

Find (1)

Find out
- Discover

Finish (4)

Finish off
- Finish completely
- Kill a person or animal, often when they have already been hurt
- Beat, make victory certain in sport
- Consume all
Finish up
- Finally get somewhere, usually without planning to go there
Finish up with
- Have or do something at the end or as the last of something
Finish with
- End a relationship
- Stop dealing with someone
- Finish using or requiring

Fink (2)

Fink on
- Give away secrets about someone
Fink out
- Fail to keep a promise, arrangement, etc

Fire (3)

Fire away
- Ask questions
Fire off
- Send quickly, angrily or many (letter, emails, etc)
- Shoot, fire a gun (usually repeatedly)
Fire up
- Start a computer
- Excite, become excited

Firm (1)

Firm up
- Make things clearer in a negotiation or discussion
- Exercise to make muscles harder and remove fat

Fish (2)

Fish for
- Try to get some information or to get someone to say something
Fish out
- Remove something from a bag, pocket, etc
- Remove from water, such as the sea, rivers, etc

Fit (6)

Fit in
- Get on in a group of people
- Have enough time or space for something
Fit in with
- Be convenient or occur conveniently
- Occur or happen in a way that shows that plans or ideas have not changed
Fit into
- Become part of
Fit out
- Provide with necessary equipment
Fit out with
- Provide someone with necessary equipment
Fit up
- Frame someone- make them look guilty of something they haven't done
- Provide equipment

Fix (1)

Fix up
- Make an arrangement

Fizzle (1)

Fizzle out
- End in an unsuccessful way

Flag (2)

Flag down
- Signal at a vehicle to get it to stop
Flag up
- Raise an issue, or highlight its importance

Flake (1)

Flake out
- Fall asleep from exhaustion

Flame (2)

Flame out
- Fail
Flame up
- Burn brightly

Flare (2)

Flare out
- Get angry suddenly
Flare up
- When trouble suddenly appears

Flesh (1)

Flesh out
- Add more details or information

Flick (2)

Flick over
- Change TV channels quickly
Flick through
- Change TV channels repeatedly
- Look through something quickly

Flip (3)

Flip off
- Extend your middle finger as a gesture of contempt
Flip out
- Become very excited and lose control
Flip through
- Look quickly through a magazine, book, etc

Flog (1)

Flog off
- Sell something cheaply to get rid of it

Floor (1)

Floor it
- Drive a vehicle as fast as possible

Flounce (2)

Flounce off
- Leave a place or walk away from someone angrily
Flounce out
- Leave a place angrily

Fluff (2)

Fluff out
- Shake or pat a cushion so that it fills with air
Fluff up
- Shake or pat a cushion so that it fills with air

Fly (5)

Fly about
- Circulate (rumours, etc)
Fly around
- Circulate (rumours, etc)
Fly at
- Attack
- Criticise or shout angrily
Fly by
- When time appears to move quickly
Fly into
- Change emotion quickly

Fob (4)

Fob off
- Make or persuade someone to accept something
- Lie or deceive someone
Fob off on
- Make or persuade someone to accept something you don't want
Fob off onto
- Make or persuade someone to accept something you don't want
Fob off with
- Make or persuade someone to accept something of lower quality than they wanted

Focus (1)

Focus on
- Concentrate

Fold (1)

Fold up
- Make a sheet of paper smaller

Follow (4)

Follow on
- Leave to meet someone after they have left the place you're at
- In cricket, if the second team to bat doesn't score enough runs, it has to bat again
Follow on from
- Be the part of something
Follow through
- Do what is necessary to complete something or make it successful
- Continue moving limbs after hitting a ball
Follow up
- Do something to check or improve an earlier action
- Find our about a problem and act

Fool (3)

Fool about
- Not be serious
- Be unfaithful
Fool around
- Not be serious
- Be unfaithful
Fool with
- Play with something dangerous

Forge (1)

Forge ahead
- Make a lot of progress in a short time
- Move forwards very quickly

Freak (1)

Freak out
- Become very disturbed or angry

Free (1)

Free up
- Make money or time available by not using it elsewhere
- Do work or a task for someone to make them available for something

Freeze (3)

Freeze out
- Shut out or exclude by unfriendly treatment
- Force to retire or withdraw from membership, a job, etc
Freeze over
- Become covered with ice (lake, river, pond, etc)
Freeze up
- Be blocked with ice
- Stop working because the parts of a machine won't move
- When a computer stops working
- Be paralysed with fear

Freshen (1)

Freshen up
- Wash quickly and improve appearance
- Add more alcohol to a glass before it is empty
- Quickly improve the appearance of something

Frighten (2)

Frighten away
- Scare someone so much that they go away
- Scare or worry someone enough to stop them doing something they had planned
Frighten off
- Scare someone so much that they go away
- Scare or worry someone enough to stop them doing something they had planned

Fritter (1)

Fritter away
- Waste time, money or chances

Front (5)

Front for
- Represent someone, especially when covering illegal or wrongful activities
Front off
- Confront someone and let them know you are prepared to fight
Front onto
- Face (of a building)
Front out
- Face up to someone, withstand criticism
Front up
- Appear somewhere for a short time
- Advance cash for something

Frown (1)

Frown on
- Disapprove

Fuel (1)

Fuel up
- Put petrol or other fuel into a vehicle