Phrasal Verbs with 'Freeze'

Freeze out

Shut out or exclude by unfriendly treatment

Example: They tried to FREEZE me OUT of the conversation.

Freeze out

Force to retire or withdraw from membership, a job, etc

Example: After Jim was FROZEN OUT of the case, they hired a new lawyer.

Freeze over

Become covered with ice (lake, river, pond, etc)

Example: The winter was very severe and the lake FROZE OVER.

Freeze up

Be blocked with ice

Example: The pipes all FROZE UP so no water came through.

Freeze up

Stop working because the parts of a machine won't move

Example: The gears had FROZEN UP.

Freeze up

When a computer stops working

Example: The computer FROZE UP; it showed me the blue screen of death and I couldn't reboot.

Freeze up

Be paralysed with fear

Example: WE FROZE UP when we heard the window break.