Phrasal Verbs With 'Front'

Front for phrasal verb

  1. Meaning: Represent someone, especially when covering illegal or wrongful activities
    (Inseparable | International English)
    » Example: The solicitor FRONTS FOR a number of criminal gangs.

Front off phrasal verb

  1. Meaning: Confront someone and let them know you are prepared to fight
    (Separable [optional] | International English)
    » Example: The two guys FRONTED each other OFF, but someone managed to calm them down before it got out of hand.

Front onto phrasal verb

  1. Meaning: Face (of a building)
    (Inseparable | International English)
    » Example: My house FRONTS ONTO the main square.

Front out phrasal verb

  1. Meaning: Face up to someone, withstand criticism
    (Separable [optional] | International English)
    » Example: He accused her of lying, but she FRONTED him OUT

Front up phrasal verb

  1. Meaning: Appear somewhere for a short time
    (Intransitive | Australian English)
    » Example: I hate these occasions, but I'll FRONT UP for the first half.
  2. Meaning: Advance cash for something
    (Separable [optional] | International English)
    » Example: She FRONTED UP the money we needed.