Phrasal Verb 'Fly'

We have 6 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Fly'.

Fly about

Meaning: Circulate (rumours, etc)

Example: The rumour has been FLYING ABOUT for the past week, but no one has confirmed it.

Fly around

Meaning: Circulate (rumours, etc)

Example: There are a lot of stories FLYING AROUND about her past.

Fly at

Meaning: Attack

Example: The dog FLEW AT the cat when it came into the garden.

Fly at

Meaning: Criticise or shout angrily

Example: He FLEW AT them for not trying hard enough.

Fly by

Meaning: When time appears to move quickly

Example: As I get older, the years just FLY BY.

Fly into

Meaning: Change emotion quickly

Example: He FLEW INTO a rage.