English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: G

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'G'

Showing 22 Verbs, 189 Phrasal Verbs

Gad (2)

Gad about
- Visit a lot of different places for pleasure
Gad around
- Visit different places for pleasure

Gag (1)

Gag for
- Want something a lot

Gang (3)

Gang up
- Form a group against something or someone
Gang up against
- Harass, bully (in a group)
Gang up on
- Harass, bully

Gear (3)

Gear to
- Organise or arrange something for a particular purpose, audience, etc. (Often passive)
Gear towards
- Organise or arrange something for a particular purpose, audience, etc
Gear up
- Get ready for a busy period

Gee (1)

Gee up
- Used to encourage a horse, and sometimes people, to go faster
- Encourage people to show more enthusiasm or make more effort

Geek (1)

Geek out
- Talk at length about computing

Get (66)

Get about
- Visit many places
- Become known
- Walk or visit places
- Have personal or sexual relationships with many people
Get above
- Behave as if you are better or more important than others
Get across
- Communicate successfully
- Go from one side to the other
- Move something from one side to the other
Get across to
- Be convincing or make a good impression
Get after
- Nag or exhort someone
- Chase
Get ahead
- Progress
Get ahead of
- Move in front of
Get along
- Have a good relationship
- Leave
- Progess
Get along in
- Progress
Get along with
- Have a good relationship with someone
- Deal with, handle
Get around
- Become known
- Visit many different places
- Walk or go to places
- Avoid a problem
- Persuade, convince
- Have personal or sexual relationships with many people
Get around to
- Finally manage to do something, make the effort to do something
Get at
- Criticise
- Mean
- Be able to reach, find, access
- Use threats, payments, bribes, etc, to affect someone's testimony or decision
Get away
- Escape
- Go on holiday or for a short break
- Move, leave somewhere
Get away from
- Go somewhere different or do something different
- Start to talk about something that is not relevant to the discussion
Get away with
- Not get caught, criticised or punished for doing something wrong
- Achieve something, despite not doing it correctly or properly
Get away!
- An expression of disbelief
Get back
- Return
- Return something
- Revenge
- Move away
- Move away
Get back at
- Take revenge
Get back into
- Start doing something after stopping for some time
- Find a new enthusiasm for something
Get back to
- Respond to a contact
- Respond when you know the answer
- Start doing something again after an interruption
Get back together
- Restart a relationship
Get behind
- Support
Get behind with
- Be late paying instalments for something.
Get by
- Have just enough money to live on
- Not be noticed (problems, errors, etc)
Get by on
- Manage on a certain amount of money
Get by with
- Have enough of something to do the job
Get down
- Make someone depressed, unhappy, exhausted, etc.
- Write, record
- Manage to swallow
- Descend, leave a vehicle
- Leave the table after eating
- Reduce
- Have an affair or sexual relations
Get down on
- Criticise
Get down to
- Start working seriously
- Enjoy something a lot
Get in
- Arrange for someone to do a job in your home, workplace, etc
- Arrive (train, plane, etc.)
- Arrive home
- Enter a car or taxi
- Buy or obtain supplies, like food
- Arrive at work, school, home
- Enter a building or place
- Be elected
- Manage to say or do
- Be admitted to a university, club, etc
- Bring inside a place
- Submit, apply
- Pay for drinks
Get in on
- Become involved
Get in with
- Become friendly with, ingratiate with
Get into
- Become involved or interested
- Become involved in something bad or criminal
- Be accepted or admitted
- Become or be accepted as a member
- Start a habit or way of acting or behaving
- Be small enough to wear something
- Criticise
Get it
- Be punished or scolded
Get it off
- Have sex
Get it off with
- Have sex with
Get it on
- Become interested or excited
- Have sex
Get it on with
- Have sex with
Get it together
- Control things in your life to achieve your aims
- Begin a relationship
Get it up
- Become aroused (of a man)
Get off
- Escape punishment
- Leave a bus, train, etc.
- Finish, leave work
- Start a journey
- Help a baby or child sleep
- Orgasm, have sex
- Manage to fire a gun
- Stop talking on the phone
- Write or send letters, messages, etc
- Say or write something funny
Get off it
- A way of expressing disbelief, or telling someone that they're wrong or have an incorrect opinion
Get off on
- Enjoy a drug
- Become excited by
Get off with
- Have casual sex with
Get off!
- Don't touch, leave alone
Get on
- Continue doing something
- Enter a bus, train, plane, etc.
- Make progress, deal with something with a reasonable degree of success
- Have a good relationship
- Become old, age
- Be late or near an arranged time
- Wear, fit
- Leave
Get on at
- Criticise unfairly
Get on for
- Be near a time
Get on to
- Start to suspect
Get on with
- Have a good relationship
- Continue or start doing something
Get onto
- Start discussing a topic
- Be elected, appointed
- Appear on the radio or TV
- Contact someone because you need or want them to do something
- Enter a plane, train, etc
Get out
- Leave the house to visit place and socialise
- Become known when people want it to remain secret
- Leave a place, escape
- Remove something from where it is stored to use it
- Remove dirt or something unwanted
- Publish, make available for the public to see or buy
- Say what you want when it is difficult
Get out of
- Avoid doing something you dislike
- Leave a car, van, etc.
- Stop a regular activity or habit
- Make someone confess or tell the truth
- Make someone give something to you
- Derive pleasure or benefit from something
- Help someone avoid doing something
Get out!
- Expression of disbelief
Get over
- Recover from something, feel better
- Solve, find a solution
- Communicate, make people understand
- Be shocked or surprised that something if real or true
- Get to the other side
- Come somewhere
Get over with
- Do something unpleasant that has to be done rather than delaying it any more
Get round
- Become known
- Find a solution
Get round (around) to
- Finally manage to do something
Get round (or around)
- Persuade someone
Get through
- Contact
- Consume
- Finish
- Finish
- Succeed in an exam or test
- Help someone or something succeed or pass a test or exam
- Endure or deal with a difficult experience
- Be accepted or passed (laws, proposals, etc)
- Manage to pass
- Arrive
Get through to
- Make someone understand
- Contact, especially by phone
- Reach a stage in a competition
Get to
- Annoy, irritate
- Arrive
- Start discussing a topic
- Have the opportunity to do something
Get together
- Meet socially
Get up
- Get out of bed
- Organise
Get up to
- Do something wrong or naughty

Ghost (1)

Ghost away
- Remove someone secretly of discreetly

Gin (1)

Gin up
- Boost, increase or exaggerate

Ginger (1)

Ginger up
- Make more lively

Give (22)

Give away
- Entrust your daughter to her husband through the marriage ceremony
- Tell a secret, often unintentionally
- Distribute something for free
- Give without asking for or expecting payment
- Give an advantage to your opponent in a sport by making a mistake, playing badly, etc
- Give an unwanted baby to people to bring up
- Betray, report to authorities
- Give a weight advantage to an opponent in boxing
Give back
- Return something you've borrowed
- Return something that someone has lost
Give in
- Stop doing something because it's too hard or requires too much energy
- Submit homework, etc.
- Surrender, accept defeat
- Offer or submit for judgement, approval
Give in to
- Agree to something you don't like
- Allow a feeling or desire to control you
Give it to
- Criticise harshly or punish someone for something
Give it up for
- Applaud
Give it up to
- Applaud
Give of
- Contribute without expecting anything in return, usually time or money
Give off
- Emit pollution or something else unpleasant
- Behave in a way that makes people think of you in a certain way
- Expand
- Follow or take one of 2 or more branches (instructions, in machine code) in writing a computer program (using system software for a programming language)
Give onto
- Open into a place, for a door or window
Give out
- Distribute
- Stop working, through age or overuse
- Have no more of a supply
- Make public
- Emit
- End or finish somewhere
- Make a sound or noise
- Read the wordings of a hymn or psalm aloud for congregational singing
- Complain, moan
Give out to
- Scold, tell off, nag
Give over
- Stop doing something bad or annoying
- Entrust, pass on responsibility
- Stop an activity
Give over to
- Dedicate, devote
- Transfer responsibility
Give over!
- An expression of disbelief
Give up
- Stop doing something that has been a habit
- Stop being friendly, end relationships
- Stop doing something
- Surrender, stop trying
- Sacrifice or dedicate time, etc, to something
- Allow someone to sit in your chair, take your place, etc
- Allow or give away a run while pitching (baseball)
Give up on
- Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone
- Stop feeling hope
Give up to
- Denounce, report to authorities
Give way
- Stop to allow vehicles to pass
- Collapse, break
Give way to
- Yield, surrender, retreat
- Relinquish position or ascendancy
- Be replaced by something better, cheaper, more modern, etc
- Allow a vehicle to pass in front
- Surrender to strong emotions
Give yourself up
- Surrender to the police or authorities
Give yourself up to
- Dedicate time, energy, etc, to something

Gloss (1)

Gloss over
- Try to minimise the importance of something

Gnaw (2)

Gnaw at
- Trouble, worry or annoy someone
- Harm gradually
Gnaw away at
- Harm gradually

Go (55)

Go about
- Deal with something
- Circulate
- Continue to do something; keep busy with something
- Work on something
Go across
- Move to another side or place
Go after
- Chase, try to get
Go against
- Lose a decision or a verdict of a court
Go ahead
- Proceed
Go ahead with
- Proceed
Go along with
- Accept a decision or suggestion
- Accompany
Go around
- Circulate
- Be or have enough of something
- Visit
Go at
- Attack or approach something with vigour
Go away
- Leave a place or disappear
Go back
- Have a long history
- Return to, start doing something again
Go back on
- Break a promise
Go before
- Precede
Go below
- Leave the top deck of a ship
Go by
- The passing of time
- Trust or depend on for correct information
- Pay a short visit, call
Go down
- Decrease, get smaller
- Sink
- Sunset
- Be sent to to prison
- Become recorded as or known as
- Be eaten or swallowed
- Fall to the ground
- Happen, take place
- Stop working, especially computers
- Become dimmer
- Be received by people, in terms of their reaction
Go down on
- Perform oral sex
Go down to
- Be defeated
Go down with
- Fall ill
- Find acceptance
Go for
- Attack
- Be attracted to
- Choose, select
- Try to get
- Have something favourable
- Pass for or serve as
Go for it
- Be assertive and ready to initiate action. (Related to the meaning 'attack')
Go forth
- Leave a place
- Travel abroad, leave a place
Go forward
- Move clocks ahead
- Progress
Go in
- Go to hospital for treatment, surgery, etc.
- Fit
- Disappear, become obscured by a cloud
- Attack
Go in for
- Enter a competition or sit an exam
- Support, advocate
- Like, have an interest in
- Make a career choice
Go in with
- Form a union or alliance
- Join, enter
Go into
- Discuss in some detail
- Enter a profession, hospital, trade, market
- Begin a speech or description
- Be dedicated or devoted
- Be contained in a larger number
Go it
- Behave in a reckless way
- Move or drive very fast
Go it alone
- Do something without help
Go off
- Explode (bomb), start ringing (alarm)
- Go bad
- Start to dislike
- Leave a place
- Take place, follow a plan or pattern
- Stop working (electric/electronic equipment)
Go off with
- Elope, run away with someone
- Steal
Go on
- Continue
- Happen
- Start doing or taking something
- Be guided
- Be nearly a certain period of time
- Progress
- Spend money
- Start working (electric/electronic equipment)
Go on about
- Talk too much
Go on at
- Pester, try to make someone do something by repeatedly asking or suggesting
Go on to
- Proceed
Go on with
- Continue doing
Go one
- A way of encouraging someone
Go out
- Stop burning, be extinguished
- Leave a place
- Go on strike
- Become infashionable
- Move backwards, of a tide
- Be eliminated in a competition
- Be transmitted
- Be sent
- Intend
Go out for
- Become a candidate, apply for something
Go out to
- Feel sympathy with someone
Go out with
- Have a relationship with
Go over
- Look at something, revise
- Visit
- Be approved or accepted
- Repeat or explain
- Clean
Go over to
- Go on a journey
- Become converted
- Change to something different
Go past
- Pass without stopping
Go round
- Be or have enough of something
- Circulate
- Visit
Go through
- Experience
- Read again
- Examine, search
- Do something in a certain way or following certain procedures
- Explain
- Be approved formally or sanctioned
- Enter
- Consume or spend
- Perform or carry something out
Go through with
- Do or complete something you've agreed to
Go to
- Allocate money
Go together
- Harmonize or be compatible
Go towards
- Contibute
Go under
- Go bankrupt
- Lose consciousness
- Sink
Go up
- Rise or climb
- Approach
- Be built
- Be heard
- Be promoted
Go up to
- Approach
- Attend a university
- Reach
Go with
- Combine nicely
- Accompany
- Accept, agree to
- Date, have a relationship with
Go without
- Not have
- Cope without having something

Goof (4)

Goof around
- Fool around, not be serious
Goof off
- Avoid or leave work
Goof on
- Tease, make fun of
Goof up
- Mess, spoil

Grasp (1)

Grasp at
- Try to take hold of something quickly
- Take an opportunity without hesitation

Grass (2)

Grass on
- Report someone to a person in authority
Grass up
- Report someone to a person in authority

Grey (1)

Grey out
- Disable a function in a computer program, leaving it visible but not working

Grind (6)

Grind away
- Keep working at something
Grind down
- Reduce or destroy someone's enthusiasm
Grind into
- Press or twist something hard into something else
Grind on
- Proceed relentlessly
- Talk endlessly
Grind out
- Produce something with great difficulty
Grind up
- Reduce to small pieces

Grow (13)

Grow apart
- Become distant, stop having a close relationship because time, distance, interests, etc, have changed
Grow away from
- Become less friendly with
Grow back
- Grow again
Grow from
- Result from a process
Grow into
- Grow to fit large clothes
- Mature or change into
- Develop or change over time to fit something
Grow on
- Like something that you didn't like at first
- Have a greater influence or degree of acceptance
- Become gradually more evident
Grow out
- Let hair, etc, with dyes, perms grow to get rid of the style
Grow out of
- Grow too large for clothes
- Lose interest as you grow older or become more mature
- Result or develop from
Grow to
- Eventually do something
Grow together
- Gradually become attached, united or close
Grow up
- Mature, become adult
- Arise, emerge
- Develop in a place or for a reason (city, town, etc)
Grow up on
- Do or have something when you are a child
Grow upon
- Like something that you didn't like at first
- Have a greater influence or degree of acceptance
- Become gradually more evident

Gun (1)

Gun for
- Try to destroy an opponent

Gussy (1)

Gussy up
- Dress smartly or improve the appearance of something