English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: J

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'J'

Showing 13 Verbs, 20 Phrasal Verbs

Jabber (1)

Jabber away
- Talk fast or incomprehensibly

Jack (3)

Jack around
- Make trouble for someone, fail to keep promises
Jack in
- Quit, give up
Jack up
- Raise a car to be able to do mechanical work
- Increase sharply

Jam (1)

Jam on
- Apply or operate something forcefully

Jaw (1)

Jaw away
- Talk just for the point of talking rather than having anything to say

Jazz (1)

Jazz up
- Make something more interesting or attractive

Jerk (2)

Jerk around
- Cause someone trouble, treat someone badly
- Behave stupidly
Jerk off
- Waste time doing unimportant things

Jockey (1)

Jockey into
- Persuade or deceive someone into doing something

Jog (2)

Jog along
- Make progress or move ahead, but not very fast
Jog on
- Go away

Join (1)

Join in
- Take part in an activity
- Take part in an activity

Joke (1)

Joke around
- Be funny, or try to

Jot (1)

Jot down
- Make a quick note

Juice (1)

Juice up
- Make something more exciting or perform better

Jump (4)

Jump at
- Accept eagerly
Jump in
- Enter a conversation
Jump off
- Start quickly, often well
Jump on
- Criticize, attack