English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: R

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'R'

Showing 35 Verbs, 113 Phrasal Verbs

Race (1)

Race off
- Hurry away, leave somewhere quickly

Rack (3)

Rack off
- Used to tell someone to go away because they're annoying you
Rack out
- Sleep, take a nap
Rack up
- Acquire a lot of something
- Damage

Rain (3)

Rain down on
- Fall in large numbers
Rain off
- Be postponed or stopped by rain (usually passive)
Rain out
- Be postponed or stopped by rain (usually passive)

Rake (5)

Rake in
- Earn, make money easily
Rake it in
- Make a lot of money
Rake off
- Cheat someone by charging them too much
Rake over
- Talk, think, etc, about something negative in the past
Rake up
- Bring something back to people's attention

Ramble (1)

Ramble on
- Talk at length without getting to the point

Ramp (1)

Ramp up
- Increase amount, price, speed or power of something
- Strengthen

Rap (1)

Rap out
- Say something firmly and loudly

Rat (3)

Rat on
- Inform authorities about someone's wrongdoings
- Fail to keep a promise
Rat out
- Inform the authorities about someone
Rat through
- Look for something hurriedly

Ratchet (1)

Ratchet up
- Increase

Rattle (1)

Rattle off
- Quote figures rapidly

Reach (3)

Reach out
- Stretch your arm to get something
- Try to help, or contact someone to try to help
Reach out for
- Try to achieve something difficult
Reach out to
- Ask for help
- Offer help
- Try to communicate and establish good relations with people

Read (3)

Read off
- Read a list aloud for someone to write down
Read out
- Read aloud rather than silently
Read up on
- Research

Reason (1)

Reason out
- Come to a conclusion or solution after some thought

Reckon (1)

Reckon on
- The minimum expected

Reel (3)

Reel in
- Catch a fish on a line and pull the line to land
- Attract people, especially customers, to get them to do what you want them to
Reel off
- Quote statistics or facts rapidly
- Score a lot of points or win a lot of games one after the other
Reel out
- Unwind

Rein (1)

Rein in
- Control someone or something to stop them causing more trouble

Rent (1)

Rent out
- Let, grant a service or allow usage for a fee

Ride (4)

Ride off
- Go away on a bike, horse, etc
Ride on
- Depend on
Ride out
- Survive a difficult time
Ride up
- Move higher on the body (of clothes)

Ring (7)

Ring back
- Return a phonecall
Ring in
- Telephone to inform or confirm something
Ring off
- Finish a phone conversation
Ring out
- Make a sudden loud sound
Ring round
- Telephone a number of people, usually to try to get some information
Ring up
- Telephone
- Achieve an amount or number
- Enter figures into a till or cash register
Ring with
- When a place is full of a loud sound

Rip (2)

Rip off
- Charge excessively or obtain money unfairly
Rip on
- Criticise or insult

Rise (3)

Rise above
- Not be affected by something negative like bad luck, criticism, etc.
Rise to
- Respond positively or well to a difficult or challenging situation
Rise up
- Revolt

Rock (1)

Rock up
- Arrive

Roll (9)

Roll back
- Retreat
- Reduce or remove
Roll by
- Pass (time)
Roll in
- Arrive somewhere, especially if late
- Arrive in large numbers, for military vehicles
Roll off
- Produce or issue, usually from a machine
Roll on
- When something continues to happen
Roll on!
- Said when you can't wait for something nice in the future
Roll out
- Launch or introduce a new product, initiative, etc.
Roll up
- To appear in large numbers for an event
Roll up!
- An imperative used to attract people to a public event

Romp (2)

Romp in
- Win easily
Romp through
- Do something easily or quickly

Room (1)

Room in
- To keep a mother and baby together after the birth

Root (5)

Root about
- Look in a place to try to find something
Root around
- Look in a place to try to find something
Root for
- Support
Root out
- Look for and find
- Find the source of a problem and remove it
Root up
- Dig a plant out of the ground

Rope (3)

Rope in
- Get somebody to help
Rope into
- Get someone to help or become involved, usually when they don't want to
Rope off
- Extend ropes or barriers across or around an area

Rough (2)

Rough out
- Make a draft or sketch of something without much detail
Rough up
- Assault

Round (5)

Round down
- Reduce a number to the nearest whole number or number ending in zero
Round off
- Finish something in a satisfactory manner
- Change a number, up or down, to the nearest whole number or number ending in zero
- Make an edge curved
Round on
- Criticise or attack fiercely
Round out
- Make something more complete
Round up
- Increase a number to the nearest whole number or number ending in zero

Row (1)

Row back
- Retreat from a position

Rub (8)

Rub along
- Have a reasonably good relationship
Rub down
- Dry or clean something with a cloth
- Massage or rub someone to help them relax
Rub in
- Apply a substance like cream or ointment and rub it until it is absorbed
Rub it in
- Emphasise how bad a situation is to make someone feel worse
Rub off on
- Pass a quality or characteristic to people
Rub out
- Delete ink or pencil with an eraser
- Kill
Rub up against
- Touch someone in a sensual or sexual way
Rub up on
- Revise

Rule (1)

Rule out
- Exclude a possibility

Run (20)

Run across
- Meet or find accidentally
Run after
- Chase, pursue
- Try to become romantically involved with someone
Run against
- Oppose, make difficulties
Run along
- Go away, leave (often as an imperative)
Run around
- Be very busy doing many things
Run away
- Escape from people chasing you
- Leave home because of problems with other family members or to elope
Run down
- Hit a pedestrian with a vehicle
- Lose energy or power
- Criticise, disparage
- Find the source or origin of something
Run for
- Campaign for a position
Run in
- Arrest, take to police station for questioning
- Drive a new car carefully in order not to damage the engine
- Pay a casual visit
- Insert
Run into
- Cost
- Meet by accident
Run off
- Make photocopies
Run on
- Be powered by
Run out of
- Have none left
Run over
- Explain quickly
- Hit with a vehicle
- Exceed a time limit
Run through
- Practise a dramatic work like a play quickly
- Stab or wound deeply with a knife, sword, etc.
Run to
- Go to someone for help
- Include in things you like
- Have enough money to buy something, often negative
Run up
- Move quickly to where someone is
- Hoist, raise a flag
- Do or make something very quickly
- Spend a lot of money on credit
Run up against
- Encounter problems, often unexpected
Run up on
- Approach someone without their knowing
Run with
- Keep company, normally bad

Rush (5)

Rush away
- Leave a place in a hurry
Rush in
- Enter or go indoors in a hurry
- Make someone enter somewhere quickly
- Do something without thinking carefully
Rush into
- Do something too quickly
Rush off
- Depart in a hurry
Rush out
- Release or put something on sale quickly

Rustle (1)

Rustle up
- Make something quickly without much preparation