Phrasal Verb 'Reel'

We have 5 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Reel'.

Reel in

Meaning: Catch a fish on a line and pull the line to land

Example: He REELED IN a ten-pound salmon.

Reel in

Meaning: Attract people, especially customers, to get them to do what you want them to

Example: They hope the discounts will REEL people IN.

Reel off

Meaning: Quote statistics or facts rapidly

Example: The minister REELED OFF a load of figures to support her position.

Reel off

Meaning: Score a lot of points or win a lot of games one after the other

Example: They REELED OFF five victories and became the champions.

Reel out

Meaning: Unwind

Example: I REELED OUT the hose and watered the lawn.