Phrasal Verb 'Run'

We have 41 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Run'.

Run across

Meaning: Meet or find accidentally

Example: I RAN ACROSS an old friend in the library.

Run after

Meaning: Chase, pursue

Example: The police RAN AFTER the guy who'd stolen it, but he was too fast for them.

Run after

Meaning: Try to become romantically involved with someone

Example: He was RUNNING AFTER her for ages never managed to get a date.

Run against

Meaning: Oppose, make difficulties

Example: Opinion is RUNNING AGAINST his policies and he has very little support.

Run along

Meaning: Go away, leave (often as an imperative)

Example: They kept disturbing him, so he told them to RUN ALONG and leave him in peace.

Run around

Meaning: Be very busy doing many things

Example: I'm exhausted- I've been RUNNING AROUND all day.

Run away

Meaning: Escape from people chasing you

Example: He RAN AWAY from his attackers.

Run away

Meaning: Leave home because of problems with other family members or to elope

Example: She RAN AWAY to avoid a forced marriage.

Run by

Meaning: Tell someone your ideas so that they can comment

Example: She RAN her ideas BY the committee to see what they felt.

Run down

Meaning: Hit a pedestrian with a vehicle

Example: The minicab RAN him DOWN on the zebra crossing.

Run down

Meaning: Lose energy or power

Example: You should only recharge the battery when it has fully RUN DOWN.

Run down

Meaning: Criticise, disparage

Example: They're always RUNNING me DOWN and I am sick and tired of it.

Run down

Meaning: Find the source or origin of something

Example: The police RAN DOWN all the leads they had and caught them.

Run for

Meaning: Campaign for a position

Example: She's thinking about RUNNING FOR the presidency.

Run in

Meaning: Arrest, take to police station for questioning

Example: They RAN him IN last night.

Run in

Meaning: Drive a new car carefully in order not to damage the engine

Example: She RAN the car IN for a thousand miles.

Run in

Meaning: Pay a casual visit

Example: We RAN IN and chatted for an hour.

Run in

Meaning: Insert

Example: He RAN a graph IN next to the text.

Run into

Meaning: Cost

Example: The project has RUN INTO millions of dollars without any prospect of a return on this investment.

Run into

Meaning: Meet by accident

Example: I RAN INTO James in a bar in the City on Friday.

Run off

Meaning: Make photocopies

Example: Could you RUN OFF two hundred copies of this report, please.

Run off with

Meaning: Take or steal something

Example: She RAN OFF WITH my umbrella.

Run off with

Meaning: Leave a place or a relationship to marry or have a relationship with someone

Example: She RAN OFF WITH her accountant.

Run on

Meaning: Be powered by

Example: The van RUNS ON diesel.

Run out of

Meaning: Have none left

Example: We've RUN OUT OF sugar; I'm going to the shops for some.

Run over

Meaning: Explain quickly

Example: Could you RUN OVER that point again; I'm afraid I didn't quite understand it.

Run over

Meaning: Hit with a vehicle

Example: The driver couldn't stop in time and RAN the fox OVER when it ran in front of his car.

Run over

Meaning: Exceed a time limit

Example: The meeting RAN OVER by twenty minutes.

Run past

Meaning: Tell someone your ideas so that they can comment

Example: They RAN it PAST the manager before they implemented it.

Run through

Meaning: Practise a dramatic work like a play quickly

Example: The cast RAN THROUGH the play the day before it opened to the public.

Run through

Meaning: Stab or wound deeply with a knife, sword, etc.

Example: The musketeer RAN his enemy THROUGH with a sword and killed him.

Run to

Meaning: Go to someone for help

Example: Whenever he gets into debt, he RUNS TO his parents for help.

Run to

Meaning: Include in things you like

Example: His musical tastes RUN TO the Residents, who are hated by most people.

Run to

Meaning: Have enough money to buy something, often negative

Example: Things are a bit tight and won't RUN TO going abroad for a holiday.

Run up

Meaning: Move quickly to where someone is

Example: He RAN UP next to me and started shouting.

Run up

Meaning: Hoist, raise a flag

Example: They RAN UP the Union Jack.

Run up

Meaning: Do or make something very quickly

Example: He RAN UP a few examples for them to look at.

Run up

Meaning: Spend a lot of money on credit

Example: He RAN UP a lot of bills at the hotel.

Run up against

Meaning: Encounter problems, often unexpected

Example: They RAN UP AGAINST a lot of opposition to the construction.

Run up on

Meaning: Approach someone without their knowing

Example: Robert was sitting in his car and a guy RAN UP ON him and shot through the car but missed.

Run with

Meaning: Keep company, normally bad

Example: She RUNS WITH some dodgy characters.