Phrasal Verb 'Rub'

We have 10 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Rub'.

Rub along

Meaning: Have a reasonably good relationship

Example: They're not friends, but we RUB ALONG.

Rub down

Meaning: Dry or clean something with a cloth

Example: She RUBBED the horse DOWN with a towel after riding it.

Rub down

Meaning: Massage or rub someone to help them relax

Example: The trainer RUBBED her DOWN after the race.

Rub in

Meaning: Apply a substance like cream or ointment and rub it until it is absorbed

Example: He applied the steroid cream and RUBBED it IN.

Rub it in

Meaning: Emphasise how bad a situation is to make someone feel worse

Example: Even though the minister had resigned, the press RUBBED IT IN by publishing more details of the scandal.

Rub off on

Meaning: Pass a quality or characteristic to people

Example: His enthusiasm RUBS OFF ON everyone around him.

Rub out

Meaning: Delete ink or pencil with an eraser

Example: He RUBBED OUT the figure and wrote the correct one in.

Rub out

Meaning: Kill

Example: The gangsters RUBBED him OUT for stealing from them.

Rub up against

Meaning: Touch someone in a sensual or sexual way

Example: The cat RUBBED UP AGAINST my leg purring.

Rub up on

Meaning: Revise

Example: I need to RUB UP ON my Portuguese before I go to Brazil.