English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: E

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'E'

Showing 11 Verbs, 21 Phrasal Verbs

Ease (2)

Ease off
- Reduce pressure
Ease up
- Relax, calm down

Eat (5)

Eat away
- Destroy slowly
Eat in
- Eat at home
Eat into
- Use something valuable when you don't want to
Eat out
- Eat in a restaurant
Eat up
- Eat all of something
- Consume
- Consume something you don't want to be consumed

Ebb (1)

Ebb away
- Disappear gradually

Edge (2)

Edge out
- Gradually push someone or something out of their position
Edge up
- Approach slowly

Egg (1)

Egg on
- Encourage

Eke (1)

Eke out
- Make something like money last as long as possible

Embark (2)

Embark on
- Start a project or venture
Embark upon
- Start a project or venture

Empty (1)

Empty out
- Empty something completely
- Remove some things or everything from a container

End (3)

End in
- Finish a certain way
End up
- Become or do something unplanned
End up with
- Get as a result of something

Enter (2)

Enter for
- Join or enter a competition
Enter into
- Become involved in or accept

Eye (1)

Eye up
- Look carefully at someone