English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: K

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'K'

Showing 9 Verbs, 3 Phrasal Verbs

Keel (1)

Keel over
- Turn upside down
- Surrender, give in
- Fall to the ground

Keep (15)

Keep around
- Keep something near you
Keep at
- Continue with something difficult
Keep away
- Don't allow someone near something
Keep back
- Maintain a safe distance
Keep down
- Not vomit
Keep from
- Control yourself, refrain
Keep in
- Not allow someone out
Keep in with
- Maintain good relations, stay on good terms with someone
Keep off
- Not talk about
- Not tread on something
Keep on
- Continue
Keep out
- Not allow someone to enter
Keep to
- Stay within limits
Keep up
- Not let someone go to bed
- Maintain a continuous action, persist
Keep up at
- Continue, not quit
Keep up with
- Move at the same rate
- Stay up to date

Key (6)

Key down
- Relax, unwind
Key in
- Enter numbers or information into a computer or electronic system
Key in on
- Focus attention on, single out
Key on
- Target, focus on (sport)
Key to
- Plan things to fit or suit people or situations
Key up
- Make someone excited or nervous

Kick (9)

Kick about
- Discuss
Kick around
- Discuss
Kick around with
- Spend time with
Kick back
- Pay someone illegally as part of the price
- Resist
- Relax
Kick down
- Break something with your feet
Kick in
- When a drug starts to take effect
- Break something with your feet
- Contribute money
- Start having an effect
Kick off
- Start a game of football
- Die
- When trouble starts
- Argue, protest and refuse to co-operate
Kick out
- Expel
Kick up
- Cause trouble or pain

Kill (1)

Kill off
- Reduce or exterminate a population by hunting, pollution, development, etc.

Kip (2)

Kip down
- Sleep away from your home, often without planning to
Kip down on
- Sleep on something other than a bed

Kiss (2)

Kiss off
- Used to tell someone to go away
- Consider something to be unimportant or inferior
Kiss up to
- Try to get into someone's favour

Knock (10)

Knock about
- Beat someone
Knock around
- Discuss casually
Knock back
- Cost someone a lot of money
- Finish a drink quickly, drink a lot of alcohol
- Shock
Knock down
- Demolish
- Hit and injure someone
Knock it off!
- Stop doing something annoying
Knock off
- Finish work for the day
- Reduce the price of something
- Reduce the time required to do something
- Steal
- Produce or create something quickly
Knock out
- Hit and make somebody unconscious
- Sell, distribute
Knock over
- Rob
Knock together
- Join houses that had been separate
Knock up
- Become or get someone pregnant.
- Play a bit before a match to get ready
- Produce or create something quickly

Knuckle (2)

Knuckle down
- Make a great effort
Knuckle under
- Submit to authority