Phrasal Verb 'Knock'

We have 21 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Knock'.

Knock about

Meaning: Beat someone

Example: He KNOCKED his brother ABOUT after they argued.

Knock around

Meaning: Discuss casually

Example: We KNOCKED the idea AROUND a bit, but decided not to bother.

Knock back

Meaning: Cost someone a lot of money

Example: Your holiday must have KNOCKED you BACK a bit.

Knock back

Meaning: Finish a drink quickly, drink a lot of alcohol

Example: The pub was closing so we KNOCKED our drinks BACK and left.

Knock back

Meaning: Shock

Example: It really KNOCKED me BACK when I heard they had been killed.

Knock down

Meaning: Demolish

Example: They KNOCKED DOWN the old church and built a block of flats in its place.

Knock down

Meaning: Hit and injure someone

Example: The car KNOCKED her DOWN and she broke her arm.

Knock down

Meaning: Earn

Example: A clever lawyer can KNOCK DOWN 40,000 yuan in a good year.

Knock it off!

Meaning: Stop doing something annoying

Example: The were making too much noise, so I told them to KNOCK IT OFF.

Knock off

Meaning: Finish work for the day

Example: We KNOCKED OFF early on Friday to avoid the rush hour queues.

Knock off

Meaning: Reduce the price of something

Example: They KNOCKED ten pounds OFF when I asked for a discount.

Knock off

Meaning: Reduce the time required to do something

Example: The new road KNOCKS an hour OFF the journey.

Knock off

Meaning: Steal

Example: He KNOCKED it OFF and sold it.

Knock off

Meaning: Produce or create something quickly

Example: I KNOCKED the essay OFF in an hour.

Knock out

Meaning: Hit and make somebody unconscious

Example: The reigning middleweight champion KNOCKED OUT the challenger in the fourth round of the fight.

Knock out

Meaning: Sell, distribute

Example: They're KNOCKING hundreds OUT a day in the sales.

Knock over

Meaning: Rob

Example: The gang KNOCKED OVER a betting office yesterday afternoon.

Knock together

Meaning: Join houses that had been separate

Example: They KNOCKED TOGETHER two outbuilding and turned them into a home.

Knock up

Meaning: Become or get someone pregnant.

Example: She got KNOCKED UP when she was on holiday.

Knock up

Meaning: Play a bit before a match to get ready

Example: The teams KNOCKED UP for a few minutes before the final.

Knock up

Meaning: Produce or create something quickly

Example: They KNOCKED a model UP over the weekend.