Phrasal Verb 'Keep'

We have 18 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Keep'.

Keep around

Meaning: Keep something near you

Example: I KEEP a dictionary AROUND when I'm doing my homework.

Keep at

Meaning: Continue with something difficult

Example: She found the course hard but she KEPT AT it and completed it successfully.

Keep away

Meaning: Don't allow someone near something

Example: Medicines should always be KEPT AWAY from children.

Keep back

Meaning: Maintain a safe distance

Example: The police told the crowd to KEEP BACK from the fire.

Keep down

Meaning: Not vomit

Example: The food was so horrible that I struggled to KEEP it DOWN.

Keep from

Meaning: Control yourself, refrain

Example: I couldn't KEEP FROM arguing with her.

Keep in

Meaning: Not allow someone out

Example: The teacher KEPT the students IN after school because they had misbehaved.

Keep in with

Meaning: Maintain good relations, stay on good terms with someone

Example: I like to KEEP IN WITH the school inspectors.

Keep off

Meaning: Not talk about

Example: She KEPT OFF the subject of her divorce.

Keep off

Meaning: Not tread on something

Example: KEEP OFF the grass in the park, please.

Keep on

Meaning: Continue

Example: He KEPT ON trying and succeeded in the end.

Keep out

Meaning: Not allow someone to enter

Example: The police KEPT the demonstrators OUT of the building.

Keep to

Meaning: Stay within limits

Example: Please KEEP TO the path.

Keep up

Meaning: Not let someone go to bed

Example: My neighbours KEPT me UP till after 4 am with their loud music last night.

Keep up

Meaning: Maintain a continuous action, persist

Example: First I phoned you and left a message that you should phone me; then you phoned and I was out, so you left a message; then...! How long can we KEEP this UP without ever speaking to each other directly?

Keep up at

Meaning: Continue, not quit

Example: Learning a language is difficult, but if you KEEP UP AT it, you'll succeed in the end.

Keep up with

Meaning: Move at the same rate

Example: He walks too fast and it's really hard to KEEP UP WITH him.

Keep up with

Meaning: Stay up to date

Example: It's hard to KEEP UP WITH all the latest improvements and breakthroughs in technology nowadays.