Phrasal Verbs with 'Kick'

Kick about


Example:We KICKED the idea ABOUT at the meeting.

Kick around


Example:We KICKED the idea AROUND.

Kick around with

Spend time with

Example:I used to KICK AROUND WITH them, but haven't seen them for a while.

Kick back

Pay someone illegally as part of the price

Example:I had to KICK ten percent BACK to the government official to get the contract.

Kick back


Example:They KICKED BACK when we suggested downsizing.

Kick back


Example:Rather than go out tonight, we plan to KICK BACK and watch television.

Kick down

Break something with your feet

Example:The police KICKED the door DOWN.

Kick in

When a drug starts to take effect

Example:Her hayfever didn't feel half as bad once the antihistamines had KICKED IN.

Kick in

Break something with your feet

Example:They KICKED his head IN.

Kick in

Contribute money

Example:I’ll KICK IN for some of the beer if you will buy the pizza.

Kick in

Start having an effect

Example:The budget cuts are starting to KICK IN and people are struggling.

Kick off

Start a game of football

Example:The match KICKS OFF at three o'clock.

Kick off


Example:He KICKED OFF last month when he had a massive heart attack.

Kick off

When trouble starts

Example:The fight KICKED OFF when he insulted the guy's girlfriend.

Kick off

Argue, protest and refuse to co-operate

Example:He started KICKING OFF big time when the police tried to arrest him.

Kick out


Example:The family KICKED the au pair OUT when they found out that she was planning to move to work for another household.

Kick up

Cause trouble or pain

Example:My back KICKS UP when it gets cold.