English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: A

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'A'

Showing 13 Verbs, 28 Phrasal Verbs

Abide (1)

Abide by
- Accept or follow a decision or rule

Account (1)

Account for
- To explain

Ache (1)

Ache for
- Want something or someone a lot

Act (4)

Act on
- To take action because of something like information received
- Affect
Act out
- Perform something with actions and gestures.
- Express an emotion in your behaviour
Act up
- Behave badly or strangely
Act upon
- To take action because of something like information received
- Affect

Add (3)

Add on
- Include in a calculation
Add up
- To make a mathematical total
- Be a satisfactory explanantion for something
Add up to
- Have a certain result
- Come to a certain amount or figure

Agree (1)

Agree with
- Affect- usually used in the negative to show that something has had a negative effect, especially is it makes you feel bad

Aim (1)

Aim at
- To target
- Intend to achieve

Allow (2)

Allow for
- Include something in a plan or calculation
Allow of
- Make possible, permit

Angle (1)

Angle for
- Try to get something indirectly, by hinting or suggesting

Answer (2)

Answer back
- To reply rudely to someone in authority
Answer for
- Be held responsible for a problem
- Speak on behalf of someone or from knowing them

Argue (2)

Argue down
- Beat someone in a debate, discussion or argument
- Persuade someone to drop the price of something they're selling
- Try to persuade people not to accept a proposition, motion, etc
Argue out
- Argue about a problem to find a solution

Ask (8)

Ask about
- Ask how someone is doing, especially professionally and in terms of health
Ask after
- Enquire about someone's health, how life is going
Ask around
- Ask a number of people for information of help
- Invite someone
Ask for
- To provoke a negative reaction
- Request to have or be given
Ask in
- To invite somebody into your house
Ask out
- To invite someone for a date
Ask over
- Invite
Ask round
- Invite someone

Auction (1)

Auction off
- Sell something in an auction