Phrasal Verbs with 'Give'

Give away

Entrust your daughter to her husband through the marriage ceremony

Example: He GAVE his daughter AWAY and told the groom to look after her.

Give away

Tell a secret, often unintentionally

Example: She didn't GIVE anything AWAY about the party so it came as a complete surprise to me.

Give away

Distribute something for free

Example: In this issue of the magazine, they are giving away a free DVD.

Give away

Give without asking for or expecting payment

Example: He decided to GIVE his new album AWAY in a magazine.

Give away

Give an advantage to your opponent in a sport by making a mistake, playing badly, etc

Example: They GAVE AWAY two goals in the first half.

Give away

Give an unwanted baby to people to bring up

Example: She had to GIVE her baby AWAY as she couldn't afford to bring it up.

Give away

Betray, report to authorities

Example: The gang GAVE him AWAY to the police.

Give away

Give a weight advantage to an opponent in boxing

Example: He is GIVING AWAY thirty pounds to the challenger.

Give back

Return something you've borrowed

Example: I GAVE the money BACK that she'd lent to me.

Give back

Return something that someone has lost

Example: Nothing could GIVE me BACK the way I felt before the scandal.

Give in

Stop doing something because it's too hard or requires too much energy

Example: I couldn't finish the crossword puzzle and had to GIVE IN and look at the answers.

Give in

Submit homework, etc.

Example: The projects have to be GIVEN IN three weeks before we break up for the end of term.

Give in

Surrender, accept defeat

Example: They GAVE IN when the police surrounded the building.

Give in

Offer or submit for judgement, approval

Example: They GAVE IN their complaint to the court.

Give in to

Agree to something you don't like

Example: The government says it will not GIVE IN TO terrorists.

Give in to

Allow a feeling or desire to control you

Example: Eventually, I GAVE IN TO my anger and screamed at them.

Give it to

Criticise harshly or punish someone for something

Example: They really GAVE IT TO me for forgetting to turn up.

Give it up for


Example: Please GIVE IT UP FOR our next guest.

Give it up to


Example: Please GIVE IT UP TO our next guest.

Give of

Contribute without expecting anything in return, usually time or money

Example: He GIVE OF his free time to help the club.

Give off

Emit pollution or something else unpleasant

Example: The police stopped the van because it was GIVING OFF a lot of black smoke.

Give off

Behave in a way that makes people think of you in a certain way

Example: She GIVES OFF an air of nobility.

Give off


Example: The company is GIVING OFF all over the country.

Give off

Follow or take one of 2 or more branches (instructions, in machine code) in writing a computer program (using system software for a programming language)

Example: A particular application of a processing code can be GIVEN OFF while requiring minimal run-time support.

Give onto

Open into a place, for a door or window

Example: The French windows GIVE ONTO the lawn.

Give out


Example: Somebody was GIVING leaflets OUT in front of the underground station.

Give out

Stop working, through age or overuse

Example: I'd been having trouble with my laptop and it finally GAVE OUT at the weekend.

Give out

Have no more of a supply

Example: The water GAVE OUT after a week in the desert.

Give out

Make public

Example: They GAVE the names of the winners OUT last night.

Give out


Example: The factory GIVES OUT a lot of fumes.

Give out

End or finish somewhere

Example: The path GIVES OUT halfway around the lake.

Give out

Make a sound or noise

Example: She GAVE OUT a moan.

Give out

Read the wordings of a hymn or psalm aloud for congregational singing

Example: He GAVE OUT the psalm.

Give out

Complain, moan

Example: My students are always GIVING OUT about the rain.

Give out to

Scold, tell off, nag

Example: The teacher GAVE OUT TO us for being late.

Give over

Stop doing something bad or annoying

Example: They were making a lot of noise so I told them to GIVE OVER.

Give over

Entrust, pass on responsibility

Example: We've GIVEN the premises OVER to the new company.

Give over

Stop an activity

Example: The police told the rioters to GIVE OVER.

Give over to

Dedicate, devote

Example: He GAVE himself OVER TO finding his son.

Give over to

Transfer responsibility

Example: After her death, they GAVE control of the estate OVER TO her niece.

Give over!

An expression of disbelief

Example: They've doubled your salary- GIVE OVER!

Give up

Stop doing something that has been a habit

Example: I GAVE UP taking sugar in tea and coffee to lose weight.

Give up

Stop being friendly, end relationships

Example: She GAVE UP all her school friends when she went to university.

Give up

Stop doing something

Example: I have GIVEN UP trying to help them.

Give up

Surrender, stop trying

Example: I can't think of the answer; I GIVE UP.

Give up

Sacrifice or dedicate time, etc, to something

Example: I GAVE UP all my free time to the project.

Give up

Allow someone to sit in your chair, take your place, etc

Example: I GAVE UP my seat to a pregnant woman.

Give up

Allow or give away a run while pitching (baseball)

Example: He has GIVEN UP 14 earned runs in 14 innings.

Give up on

Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone

Example: I GAVE UP ON them when I heard what they were saying about me behind my back.

Give up on

Stop feeling hope

Example: I have GIVEN UP ON them; they never do what they promise.

Give up to

Denounce, report to authorities

Example: He GAVE his accomplices UP TO the police.

Give way

Stop to allow vehicles to pass

Example: You must GIVE WAY at this junction.

Give way

Collapse, break

Example: The dam GAVE WAY when the floods rose.

Give way to

Yield, surrender, retreat

Example: Don't GIVE WAY TO your worst fears about this.

Give way to

Relinquish position or ascendancy

Example: Night GIVES WAY TO day.

Give way to

Be replaced by something better, cheaper, more modern, etc

Example: Cottage industries GAVE WAY TO the big companies.

Give way to

Allow a vehicle to pass in front

Example: You must GIVE WAY TO oncoming traffic.

Give way to

Surrender to strong emotions

Example: He GAVE WAY TO his anger and started screaming at them.

Give yourself up

Surrender to the police or authorities

Example: The gang GAVE THEMSELVES UP last night.

Give yourself up to

Dedicate time, energy, etc, to something

Example: He GAVE himself UP TO his job.