Phrasal Verbs with 'Follow'

Follow on

Leave to meet someone after they have left the place you're at

Example: He left an hour ago and I'll be FOLLOWING ON soon.

Follow on

In cricket, if the second team to bat doesn't score enough runs, it has to bat again

Example: They were over 200 runs behind and had to FOLLOW ON.

Follow on from

Be the part of something

Example: The film FOLLOWS ON from the original.

Follow through

Do what is necessary to complete something or make it successful

Example: The project went wrong when the staff failed to FOLLOW THROUGH.

Follow through

Continue moving limbs after hitting a ball

Example: You need to FOLLOW THROUGH smoothly when playing golf.

Follow up

Do something to check or improve an earlier action

Example: He FOLLOWED UP the meeting with a report.

Follow up

Find our about a problem and act

Example: The police didn't FOLLOW UP the allegations.