Phrasal Verb 'Finish'

We have 9 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Finish'.

Finish off

Meaning: Finish completely

Example: They FINISHED OFF all the chocolates and had to go to the all-night garage to buy some more.

Finish off

Meaning: Kill a person or animal, often when they have already been hurt

Example: The animal was badly hurt, so they FINISHED it OFF to end its suffering.

Finish off

Meaning: Beat, make victory certain in sport

Example: The second goal FINISHED them OFF.

Finish off

Meaning: Consume all

Example: We FINISHED OFF the coffee and had to get some more.

Finish up

Meaning: Finally get somewhere, usually without planning to go there

Example: We went out for diner and FINISHED UP in a club.

Finish up with

Meaning: Have or do something at the end or as the last of something

Example: We attended some workshops and FINISHED UP WITH the keynote speaker.

Finish with

Meaning: End a relationship

Example: She FINISHED WITH him a few months ago.

Finish with

Meaning: Stop dealing with someone

Example: He wanted to leave but I was furious and hadn't FINISHED WITH him.

Finish with

Meaning: Finish using or requiring

Example: Can I read the paper when you've FINISHED WITH it.