Phrasal Verbs with 'Fit'

Fit in

Get on in a group of people

Example: I didn't FIT IN with the other people working there so I left and found another job.

Fit in

Have enough time or space for something

Example: I didn't have time to FIT IN another appointment.

Fit in with

Be convenient or occur conveniently

Example: They're not arriving until Thursday, which FITS IN WITH my schedule for the week.

Fit in with

Occur or happen in a way that shows that plans or ideas have not changed

Example: His rudeness yesterday FITS IN WITH what I have always thought of his behaviour.

Fit into

Become part of

Example: Their ideas didn't FIT INTO our plans.

Fit out

Provide with necessary equipment

Example: They FITTED OUT the boat for the race.

Fit out with

Provide someone with necessary equipment

Example: They didn't FIT the troops OUT WITH the necessary protective gear.

Fit up

Frame someone- make them look guilty of something they haven't done

Example: The police FITTED him UP for dealing drugs.

Fit up

Provide equipment

Example: They FITTED us UP with the latest IT.