Phrasal Verb 'Get it'

We have 9 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Get it'.

Get it

Be punished or scolded

Example: If you don't stop that right now, you'll really GET IT!

Get it off

Have sex

Example: They GOT IT OFF at the party.

Get it off with

Have sex with

Example: She GOT IT OFF WITH her friend's husband.

Get it on

Become interested or excited

Example: The talk was dull and nobody GOT IT ON.

Get it on

Have sex

Example: Did you two GET IT ON?

Get it on with

Have sex with

Example: Did you GET IT ON WITH him?

Get it together

Control things in your life to achieve your aims

Example: If I don't GET IT TOGETHER, I will never reach my targets.

Get it together

Begin a relationship

Example: They only GET IT TOGETHER at the very end of the film.

Get it up

Become aroused (of a man)

Example: He couldn't GET IT UP and felt very embarrassed.