Phrasal Verb 'Give in'

We have 6 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Give in'.

Give in

Stop doing something because it's too hard or requires too much energy

Example: I couldn't finish the crossword puzzle and had to GIVE IN and look at the answers.

Give in

Submit homework, etc.

Example: The projects have to be GIVEN IN three weeks before we break up for the end of term.

Give in

Surrender, accept defeat

Example: They GAVE IN when the police surrounded the building.

Give in

Offer or submit for judgement, approval

Example: They GAVE IN their complaint to the court.

Give in to

Agree to something you don't like

Example: The government says it will not GIVE IN TO terrorists.

Give in to

Allow a feeling or desire to control you

Example: Eventually, I GAVE IN TO my anger and screamed at them.