Phrasal Verb 'Give up'

We have 10 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Give up'.

Give up

Stop doing something that has been a habit

Example: I GAVE UP taking sugar in tea and coffee to lose weight.

Give up

Stop being friendly, end relationships

Example: She GAVE UP all her school friends when she went to university.

Give up

Stop doing something

Example: I have GIVEN UP trying to help them.

Give up

Surrender, stop trying

Example: I can't think of the answer; I GIVE UP.

Give up

Sacrifice or dedicate time, etc, to something

Example: I GAVE UP all my free time to the project.

Give up

Allow someone to sit in your chair, take your place, etc

Example: I GAVE UP my seat to a pregnant woman.

Give up

Allow or give away a run while pitching (baseball)

Example: He has GIVEN UP 14 earned runs in 14 innings.

Give up on

Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone

Example: I GAVE UP ON them when I heard what they were saying about me behind my back.

Give up on

Stop feeling hope

Example: I have GIVEN UP ON them; they never do what they promise.

Give up to

Denounce, report to authorities

Example: He GAVE his accomplices UP TO the police.