Phrasal Verb 'Go for'

We have 7 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Go for'.

Go for


Example: The neighbour's dog WENT FOR the postman and bit him.

Go for

Be attracted to

Example: She tends to GO FOR guys like him.

Go for

Choose, select

Example: I'll GO FOR the soup of the day, followed by the duck.

Go for

Try to get

Example: The player WENT FOR the ball but missed.

Go for

Have something favourable

Example: The play didn't have much GOING FOR IT and we left halfway through.

Go for

Pass for or serve as

Example: It's a couch that also GOES FOR a bed.

Go for it

Be assertive and ready to initiate action. (Related to the meaning 'attack')

Example: He was not always successful, but whatever he tried to do he would always GO FOR IT.