Phrasal Verb 'Hand'

We have 9 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Hand'.

Hand back

Meaning: Return

Example: The police officer checked my licence, then HANDED it BACK.

Hand down

Meaning: Pass on to the next generation

Example: The jewellery has been HANDED DOWN in my family for generations.

Hand down

Meaning: Give a formal decision

Example: The court HANDED DOWN its ruling yesterday.

Hand down

Meaning: Deliver a verdict

Example: The court HANDED DOWN a guilty verdict.

Hand in

Meaning: Submit work for appraisal

Example: I HANDED my homework IN late as usual.

Hand on

Meaning: Give to someone else

Example: I HANDED the job ON to a colleague.

Hand on

Meaning: Transmit knowledge to the next generation

Example: The secrets have been HANDED ON from generation to generation.

Hand out

Meaning: Distribute

Example: The teacher HANDED OUT the worksheet to the class.

Hand over

Meaning: Give

Example: The robbers told the clerk to HAND OVER all the money.