Phrasal Verb 'Hang'

We have 17 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Hang'.

Hang about

Meaning: Spend time somewhere not doing much

Example: They HANG ABOUT the station most of the day.

Hang about!

Meaning: Stop what you're doing and pay attention to me

Example: HANG ABOUT! We're not allowed to do this.

Hang around

Meaning: Stay in a place

Example: They HANG AROUND the station most of the day.

Hang back

Meaning: Not move forwards to avoid doing something

Example: When they raced towards the entrance, I HUNG BACK till it was less crowded.

Hang back from

Meaning: Delay or avoid doing something

Example: They were HANGING BACK FROM making the final decision.

Hang in there

Meaning: Persevere, not give up

Example: Were were doing badly, but we HUNG IN THERE till we finished.

Hang it up

Meaning: Retire, quit

Example: I’m getting too old for this- I’m going to HANG IT UP starting next month.

Hang on

Meaning: Wait

Example: Could you HANG ON for a moment till she's free.

Hang on

Meaning: Hold tightly

Example: The driver told the passengers to HANG ON as the bus pulled off.

Hang onto

Meaning: Keep

Example: I HUNG ONTO my old records even though I never played them.

Hang out

Meaning: Spend time socially

Example: He HANGS OUT in the pub The Monarch; he's there most nights.

Hang out for

Meaning: Wait or refuse to do something until you get what you want

Example: She's HANGING OUT FOR a big raise.

Hang over

Meaning: Worry or trouble

Example: I have a lot of financial problem HANGING OVER my head.

Hang together

Meaning: Work together when things are difficult

Example: We have to HANG TOGETHER if we're going to finish this project.

Hang up

Meaning: End a phone call

Example: I lost my temper and HUNG UP.

Hang up on

Meaning: End a phone call with someone

Example: A telesales person called, so I said something rude and HUNG UP ON them.

Hang with

Meaning: Spend time with

Example: He has been HANGING WITH them for a few months.