Language Variation Quiz: Preposition 'On'

Quiz for Verb: 'To on'

Choose the correct definition for each phrasal verb...

'Sit on' - To handle somebody firmly who behaves impertinently, conceitedly

'Sign on' - Open a claim for unemployment benefit

'Be on' - Be at the top of one’s game, performing very well

'Hit on' - Talk to someone to try to attract them sexually

'Creep out on' - To do the same activity for a very long time

'Lash out on' - Spend a lot of money buying something

'Hit on' - Ask for money

'Try it on' - Provoke someone by being annoying or behaving badly

'Grow on' - Become gradually more evident

'Follow on' - In cricket, if the second team to bat doesn't score enough runs, it has to bat again