Phrasal Verb 'Pass'

We have 24 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Pass'.

Pass around

Meaning: Give out to everybody there

Example: The teacher PASSED the handout AROUND.

Pass as

Meaning: Be believed to be something

Example: Although not qualified, he managed to PASS AS a doctor for years.

Pass away

Meaning: Die

Example: Sadly, Georgia's uncle PASSED AWAY yesterday after a short illness.

Pass back

Meaning: Return

Example: I felt awful when the teacher started to PASS BACK the exam papers.

Pass by

Meaning: Go past without stopping

Example: I was just PASSING BY when I saw the accident.

Pass by

Meaning: Visit briefly

Example: I was PASSING BY her house the other day when I heard about it.

Pass by

Meaning: Miss an opportunity

Example: The chance for promotion PASSED me BY.

Pass down

Meaning: Transmit information or give property to younger generations

Example: The tales were PASSED DOWN for centuries without changing ay of the words.

Pass for

Meaning: Be accepted as something, usually when not

Example: You'd be surprised at what PASSES FOR good cooking in many restaurants.

Pass off

Meaning: Convince something that something is real

Example: I managed to PASS OFF the fake money in the market.

Pass off

Meaning: Happen in a certain way

Example: The demonstration PASSED OFF peacefully.

Pass on

Meaning: Give a message to someone

Example: I'll PASS the message ON when she gets here.

Pass on

Meaning: Decline an invitation or opportunity

Example: I think I'll PASS ON dinner tonight- I'm not hungry.

Pass on

Meaning: Die

Example: Her husband PASSED ON last year.

Pass on to

Meaning: Change topic or subject

Example: Let's PASS ON TO the next item on the agenda.

Pass out

Meaning: Faint, lose consciousness

Example: He got so drunk that he PASSED OUT.

Pass out

Meaning: Distribute

Example: The protesters PASSED OUT leaflets to the growing crowd.

Pass over

Meaning: Ignore someone and give a job, reward, etc, to someone more junior

Example: They PASSED him OVER and made his assistant the new director.

Pass over

Meaning: Ignore, refuse to discuss

Example: Let's PASS OVER what they said and get on.

Pass round

Meaning: Distribute, give to people present

Example: They PASSED ROUND copies of the handbook.

Pass through

Meaning: Visit a place without stopping or only stopping briefly

Example: I didn't see much as I was only PASSING THROUGH the town.

Pass to

Meaning: Give ownership or responsibility to someone

Example: The shares PASSED TO his daughter when he died.

Pass to

Meaning: Become owner of or responsible for something

Example: The property will PASS TO her when they die.

Pass up

Meaning: Decline a chance

Example: She PASSED UP the opportunity to go to university because she'd been offered a job.