Phrasal Verb 'Pay'

We have 7 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Pay'.

Pay back

Meaning: Repay money borrowed

Example: I PAID BACK the twenty pounds I'd borrowed.

Pay back

Meaning: Take revenge on

Example: I'm going to PAY him BACK for that insult.

Pay down

Meaning: Pay a debt over time

Example: The British government can't PAY DOWN the national debt.

Pay for

Meaning: Purchase

Example: I PAID twenty pounds FOR the book.

Pay into

Meaning: Deposit money

Example: I PAID the cash INTO my account.

Pay off

Meaning: Completely repay a debt

Example: The mortgage will be PAID OFF in twenty-five years.

Pay off

Meaning: Produce a profitable or successful result

Example: Their patience PAID OFF when he finally showed up and signed the contract.