Phrasal Verb 'Pop'

We have 9 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Pop'.

Pop down

Meaning: Travel somewhere to visit

Example: Why don't you POP DOWN and see us during the holidays?

Pop down to

Meaning: Go somewhere quickly to do something, often to buy or get something

Example: I am POPPING DOWN TO the shops to get some coffee.

Pop in

Meaning: Visit for a short time

Example: He POPPED IN for a coffee on his way home.

Pop off

Meaning: Talk loudly, complain

Example: He's always POPPING OFF when things don't suit him.

Pop off

Meaning: Go out for a short time

Example: He's just POPPED OFF for a break but should be back in a few minutes.

Pop off

Meaning: Kill, shoot

Example: He got POPPED OFF when trying to rob the place.

Pop out

Meaning: Go out for a short time

Example: I'm just POPPING OUT to the shops. Do you need anything while I'm out?

Pop up

Meaning: Appear, like windows and boxes opening on a computer screen.

Example: The dialogue box POPPED UP up when I pressed Enter.

Pop up

Meaning: Appear unexpectedly

Example: I'm going to have to work late tonight because something has POPPED UP.