Phrasal Verb 'Pull'

We have 33 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Pull'.

Pull ahead

Meaning: Overtake, move in front

Example: The lorry was going slowly but we managed to PULL AHEAD.

Pull apart

Meaning: Destroy an argument, theory, etc

Example: My tutor PULLED my essay APART.

Pull apart

Meaning: Stop people or animals fighting

Example: A fight broke out in the pub and it was hard to PULL the people involved APART.

Pull apart

Meaning: Make someone unhappy or upset

Example: It PULLED me APART to see them arguing so much.

Pull away

Meaning: When a vehicle moves from a place

Example: The car PULLED AWAY from the lights at high speed.

Pull back

Meaning: Score a goal or point when losing

Example: They were two-nil down until five minutes before the end, when they PULLED BACK a goal.

Pull back

Meaning: Move away from a place, especially when talking about soldiers

Example: They have PULLED the troops BACK from the front line.

Pull back

Meaning: Move away from someone

Example: She PULLED BACK when he tried to kiss her.

Pull back

Meaning: Decide not to do something or not to be involved with it any longer

Example: They PULLED BACK from the deal.

Pull down

Meaning: Demolish

Example: They PULLED the old cinema DOWN to build a new shopping mall.

Pull down

Meaning: Make someone depressed

Example: Losing her job PULLED her DOWN.

Pull down

Meaning: Earn

Example: He's PULLING DOWN a fortune.

Pull for

Meaning: Support

Example: Who will you be PULLING FOR in the final?

Pull in

Meaning: When a train arrives at a station

Example: The train PULLED IN and we rushed to meet her as she got off.

Pull in

Meaning: Attract

Example: Their last tour PULLED IN millions of fans.

Pull in

Meaning: Stop a car by the side of the road

Example: I PULLED IN to let the passengers out.

Pull in

Meaning: Areest or take someone to a police station for questioning

Example: The police PULLED them IN after the trouble.

Pull in

Meaning: Earn

Example: How much does she PULL IN a year?

Pull off

Meaning: Manage to do something difficult or tricky

Example: No-one thought that she would be able to do it, but she PULLED it OFF in the end.

Pull off

Meaning: Start moving (vehicles)

Example: When the lights turned green, the car PULLED OFF.

Pull on

Meaning: Put clothes on

Example: I PULLED ON a jumper when the sun went in.

Pull out

Meaning: Start moving (train)

Example: The train was PULLING OUT when I got there.

Pull out

Meaning: Move into traffic

Example: The traffic was so bad that it took me ages to PULL OUT.

Pull out

Meaning: Withdraw

Example: The project was going badly and they decided to PULL OUT

Pull out

Meaning: Remove soldiers from an area

Example: People want the government to PULL the troops OUT.

Pull over

Meaning: Stop by the side of the road

Example: The police PULLED the car OVER

Pull over

Meaning: Make a vehicle stop

Example: The police PULLED the car OVER and tested the driver for alcohol.

Pull through

Meaning: Recover from and illness or problem

Example: At one stage it looked as if she was going to die, but she PULLED THROUGH in the end.

Pull to

Meaning: Close a door or window that has been left open

Example: Could you PULL the door TO, please?

Pull together

Meaning: Work together as a team

Example: If we all PULL TOGETHER, we'll have it finished in no time.

Pull up

Meaning: Slow and stop a car

Example: The cab PULLED UP outside my house and I got out.

Pull up

Meaning: Inform someone that they are wrong

Example: He PULLED me UP because I had got my facts wrong.

Pull yourself together

Meaning: Become calm or regain control of your emotions

Example: He was so angry that he couldn't PULL HIMSELF TOGETHER.