Phrasal Verbs with 'Push'

Push about

Bully, treat badly

Example: They PUSHED him ABOUT because he couldn't fight back.

Push ahead

Continue, especially when something is difficult

Example: Some people wanted to halt the project, but they decided to PUSH AHEAD.

Push along

Leave, go home

Example: It's seven o'clock and I'd better be PUSHING ALONG.

Push around

Bully, treat badly

Example: My boss likes to PUSH us AROUND.

Push in

Get in a queue without waiting

Example: She just PUSHED IN the queue in front of me at the supermarket checkout.

Push off

Go away (imperative)

Example: He told them to PUSH OFF and leave him alone.

Push off

Push against the side of a pool, river bank, etc, tostartswimming

Example: She PUSHED OFF and swam the length of the pool.

Push on


Example: They ran into problems but decided to PUSH ON regardless.

Push out

Force someone to leave

Example: Even though she was a popular leader,they PUSHED her OUT.

Push over

Push someone or something with enough force to make them or it fall

Example: He PUSHED the glass OVER and spilled the drink.

Push through

Force something to be accepted or legal

Example: They PUSHED the regulations THROUGH despite the opposition.