Phrasal Verb 'Spill'

We have 5 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Spill'.

Spill out

Meaning: When large numbers of people leave a place at the same time

Example: The crowd SPILLED OUT onto the streets after the match had ended.

Spill out

Meaning: Come or flow out of a box, container, etc

Example: The container was cracked and the chemicals SPILLED OUT.

Spill out

Meaning: Express or display emotions openly

Example: I let my frustration SPILL OUT.

Spill over

Meaning: When something bad has a wider impact on other people or situations

Example: The protests and demonstrations have SPILLED OVER into neighbouring states.

Spill over

Meaning: Flow over the edge or top of a container

Example: I forgot to turn the tap off and the water SPILLED OVER.