Phrasal Verb 'Spin'

We have 6 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Spin'.

Spin around

Meaning: Turn to face the opposite direction

Example: She SPUN AROUND when he called her name.

Spin off

Meaning: Produce an unexpected additional benefit

Example: The research SPUN OFF a number of new products as well as solving the problem.

Spin off

Meaning: Form a separate company from part of an existing one

Example: They SPUN OFF the retail division last year.

Spin off

Meaning: Create a TV show using characters from a popular show

Example: They SPUN it OFF from the main show, but it didn't really attract many viewers.

Spin out

Meaning: Lose control (vehicle)

Example: The car hit the water and SPUN OUT.

Spin out

Meaning: Make something last as long as possible

Example: I SPUN the work OUT to make as much money from the job as I could.