Phrasal Verb 'Throw'

We have 21 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Throw'.

Throw away

Meaning: Discard something when no longer needed

Example: I THREW the alarm clock AWAY because it had stopped working.

Throw in

Meaning: Join, accompany

Example: May I THROW IN with you? My companions left me behind.

Throw in

Meaning: Add something to a deal

Example: They THREW IN a printer so I bought it from them.

Throw off

Meaning: Remove item of clothing quickly

Example: I THREW OFF my shoes and flopped on the settee.

Throw off

Meaning: Get rid of

Example: It took me ages to THROW OFF the cold.

Throw off

Meaning: Produce light or heat

Example: The lamp THROWS OFF a lot of heat.

Throw on

Meaning: Put clothes on quickly

Example: I THREW ON a jacket and rushed outside.

Throw out

Meaning: Get rid of

Example: I THREW OUT all my old clothes to make some space in my wardrobe.

Throw out

Meaning: Dislocate

Example: Edward slipped on the ice and THREW OUT his shoulder.

Throw out

Meaning: Reject

Example: The committee THREW the proposal OUT.

Throw out

Meaning: Produce heat, fumes

Example: The car THROWS OUT a lot of smoke.

Throw out

Meaning: Expel

Example: The school THREW him OUT for smoking.

Throw over

Meaning: End a relationship with someone

Example: She THREW me OVER last year.

Throw over

Meaning: Reject, refuse to accept

Example: They THREW OVER the agreement.

Throw together

Meaning: Make or arrange quickly

Example: I THREW a quick dinner TOGETHER before we left.

Throw up

Meaning: Vomit

Example: The prawns she ate at lunch made her THROW UP and she had to go home early.

Throw up

Meaning: Produce problems, results, ideas, etc

Example: The talks THREW UP some interesting possibilities.

Throw up

Meaning: Leave a job or position suddenly

Example: She THREW UP her job to go travelling.

Throw up

Meaning: Create clouds of dust or splash water into the air

Example: The road was bumpy and the car in front was THROWING UP so much dust that we could hardly see where we were going.

Throw yourself at

Meaning: Make it clear you are sexually attracted to someone

Example: He THREW HIMSELF AT her but she wasn't interested.

Throw yourself into

Meaning: Do something enthusiastically or energetically

Example: She THREW herself INTO the project.