Phrasal Verb 'Tick'

We have 8 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Tick'.

Tick along

Meaning: Make reasonable progress without any serious problems

Example: Things are TICKING ALONG at work while the director's away.

Tick away

Meaning: Pass (of time)

Example: The last few seconds TICKED AWAY and the team couldn't come back.

Tick by

Meaning: Pass (of time)

Example: The seconds TICKED BY and the team failed to score.

Tick off

Meaning: Annoy

Example: She really TICKS me OFF when she doesn't reply to my emails.

Tick off

Meaning: Scold

Example: He TICKED me OFF for arriving late.

Tick off

Meaning: Put a mark on an item in a list when it has been dealt with

Example: She TICKED OFF our names when we arrived.

Tick over

Meaning: Continue working, but without improving

Example: The company TICKED OVER while she was away on holiday.

Tick over

Meaning: Operate but without moving (engines)

Example: The mechanic left the engine TICKING OVER for a while to see if he could see what was causing the problem.