Language Study Skills

Improve Your Language Skills!

Study Skills - Questions and Answers
Use our very own discussion forum dedicated to answering your questions about how you can improve your English.

Taking Control of English
Tips on how you can speak and communicate better in English. How can I express myself better in English? How can I listen to and understand English better? How can I improve?

Sites for Teachers
Rates the best educational websites by popularity with students and teachers.

Study Skills Self-Help Information
All things study-related are examined within this extensive site, including in-class note taking, memory, and even suggestions for improving your reading speed. Study Tips
Discover the best way to assess your existing study skills, successfully answer exam questions, and handle that most precious of commodities - your time.

Study Guides And Strategies
Another large site containing comprehensive sections on reading skills, classroom preparation, Internet research and test completion.

Ohio University: Study Skills
The feature that renders this site different from its cohorts is its ability to analyse your study patterns via a series of online questions, and then provide some helpful recommendations and advice. It also dispenses practical tips regarding memorisation, time management, and general concentration. Study Techniques
An intellectual appraisal of the studying process, containing tutorials and tools pertaining to critical thinking, Web research and essay writing.

Basic skills for doing better in school, presented clearly for easy integration into any student's study habits. Included are reading, listening, and note taking tips.

Study Skills Self Help Information
Many short articles covering a wide range of studying issues faced by learners, especially college students.

The UVic Writer's Guide
How to plan, organise and write essays. Includes useful tips on exam essay writing.

Reasoning and Being Rational
Many teachers expect students to be rational, but don't explain what that means. Improve your reasoning. An essay by Rick Garlikov.

Professor Freedman's Study Tips
Test taking and note taking tips with animation

So You Want to Improve Your Study Skills?
A full-length article about getting your grades going in the right direction, including a discussion of "brain foods, " establishing a schedule, and learning some test tricks.

Active Learning
Applied lessons in writing and reading English for students grades 6 through college, home schooling, the adult learner, and for improving writing skills in the workplace.

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