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Choose the most appropriate word for the introduction of this 




The  1)  medium/media of writing, from 2)  antique/ancient times to today, has been 

used as a powerful means to divulge the writer’s aim, to 3)  influence/effect people’s 

ideology, to give a 4) moral/morale lesson, and for many other reasons.    The power of 

the pen, if used skilfully, can arouse revolutionary ideals, love and hatred.    It can 5) 

rise/raise people to heights and throw them into the limelight or, on the other hand, 

throw them into misery and dishonour by stripping them of all their fame. 


A good, modern, and recent example could be Storace, the president of The Italian 

region of Lazio and member of Alleanza Nazionale, who tried to ban all 6) 

historical/historic textbooks written by Marxists from Italian high-schools, as he 

thought that the ideas in these books could corrupt and influence the younger 

generation’s understanding of the 7) contemporary/contemporaneous history of Italy. 


Similarly, many of the 8) ancient/old writers had a specific aim and purpose, and show 

a strong bias in their works.  Thus my task in writing this essay will be, firstly to 

understand myself what the aims of two Augustan writers were; Caesar and Livy, in the 

De Bello Gallico, for the former; and in the Ab Urbe Condita, for the 9)  latter/later.  

Secondly, I will try to give an overview of these aims. 



 This is taken, with permission and a lot of gratitude, from a composition by a former student.