Linking in IELTS Listening


Linking in connected speech in IELTS Listening gapfill answers

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Linking in IELTS Listening

Correct the spelling mistakes on the next page.

Try to find what the spelling mistakes have in common and use that to check that you have corrected the right parts.

Check your answers with the suggested answers, then use those answers to check if you guessed the right thing in common between the mistakes.

Why are the wrong parts spelled that way?

What needs to be true about the two words for this to happen?

In groups, practise saying the words they are written with the spelling mistakes, correcting each other if the pronunciation is too close to the version with correct spelling.

Test each other on the words:

  • Choose one of the lines, say it either the way it is spelt or the way it is pronounced, and see if your partner can hear which way you are saying it
  • Say one of the lines with the sounds linked and see if your partner can say it back carefully without linking
  • Choose one of the lines, say it the way it is correctly spelt (without linking) and see if your partner can pronounce it back with the usual fast pronunciation (with linking)
  • Say one of the words with the normal fast pronunciation (with linking) and see if your partner can spell it


IELTS Listening gapfill spelling mistakes to correct

  • a bock sov chocolates
  • ancien tart
  • bla kice
  • boil deg
  • core soutline
  • curren temployer
  • de dinsects
  • deser tisland
  • en dov term
  • extree manxiety
  • fix tincome
  • foo dindustry
  • fren chembassy
  • fu lisolation
  • gray tidea
  • hal fa nour
  • hall sov residence
  • he doffice
  • hell thissues
  • in fie vours
  • lay tevening
  • li voutdoors
  • lie finsurance
  • liqui doxygen
  • loss topportunity
  • middle lages
  • moder nattitudes
  • nor thamerican
  • pal moil
  • pee sof string
  • re deyes
  • seriou sinjury
  • soun defects
  • sow theast
  • soy lerosion
  • stay jactor
  • stray tafter
  • studen tadvisor
  • thi kinsulation
  • unexplain dabsence
  • usefu lapplication
  • were kexperience
  • wes tafrica
  • while danimals
  • why dexpansion


Suggested answers

  • a bock sov chocolates a box of chocolates
  • ancien tart ancient art
  • bla kice black ice
  • boil deg boiled egg
  • core soutline course outline
  • curren temployer current employer
  • de dinsects dead insects
  • deser tisland desert island
  • en dov term end of term
  • extree manxiety extreme anxiety
  • fix tincome fixed income
  • foo dindustry food industry
  • fren chembassy French embassy
  • fu lisolation full isolation
  • gray tidea great idea
  • hal fa nour half an hour
  • hall sov residence halls of residence
  • he doffice                            head office
  • hell thissues health issues
  • in fie vours in five hours
  • lay tevening late evening
  • li voutdoors live outdoors
  • lie finsurance life insurance
  • liqui doxygen liquid oxygen
  • loss topportunity lost opportunity
  • middle lages               middle ages
  • moder nattitudes modern attitudes
  • nor thamerican North American
  • pal moil palm oil
  • pee sof string piece of string
  • re deyes red eyes
  • seriou sinjury serious injury
  • soun defects sound effects
  • sow theast southeast
  • soy lerosion soil erosion
  • stay jactor stage actor
  • stray tafter straight after
  • studen tadvisor student advisor
  • thi kinsulation thick insulation
  • unexplain dabsence unexplained absence
  • usefu lapplication useful application
  • were kexperience work experience
  • wes tafrica West Africa
  • while danimals wild animals
  • why dexpansion wide expansion

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