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Learn the meanings and usage of common grammar terms.


Find out the meanings behind English idiomatic expressions and sayings.

Phrasal Verbs

Browse definitions and examples of common phrasal verbs.

Irregular Verbs

Discover the meanings and conjugations of English irregular verbs.

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Take our free online quizzes which cover a wide range of subjects.

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Use our testing section to test your knowledge of English topics.


Test your understanding by reading short texts and then answering questions.


Have your say on what you think is correct usage or grammar.

Latest Articles on Learning English

Learner Article

80 British gestures - List of UK gestures, with meanings of gestures used in the United Kingdom and how to make them.

Learner Article

Why does my teacher not speak more slowly? - Reasons why teachers sometimes speak at a speed at which students can't understand everything that they say - both good ones and bad ones - with possible student reactions.

Learner Article

57 ways to improve your fluency - Short and long term solutions for those who want to speak more quickly and smoothly. Also useful for teachers planning classroom fluency practice.

Learner Article

Proofreading 101 for ESL Writers - Some tips for learners to help them to proofread their writing

Learner Article

Why does my teacher make me correct my own answers? - A number of reasons why your teacher might make you correct your own answers

Learner Article

Why does my teacher stop me using my dictionary or electronic dictionary? - Reasons why your teacher may stop you using dictionaries in class.

Learner Article

How to learn English with your young child - Easy and sensible ways to practise English with your children

Learner Article

How to improve your pronunciation outside class - Ideas and tips to help you improve your pronunciation outside class

Learner Article

Activities for conversation exchanges - Some ideas for using language exchange sites

Learner Article

How to correct yourself outside class - This article has some suggestions on developing self-correction skills and starting to use more accurate English, all without the help of a teacher.

Tips on Learning English


How to master the English language - A learner looks at how he learned English.


Becoming Fluent in Speaking and Writing English - A look at how you can improve these skills.


Taking Control of English - Tips on how you can speak and communicate better in English.


English Language Tips - Short tips on various aspects of the English language, with examples.


Learning Vocabulary (PDF) - Some suggestions about learning English vocabulary.

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