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Apr 27, 2010
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Certain kinds of books
What type of book do you like to read? Most of people like to read books for knowledge and entertainment. Books have different types like novels, biography, comedy books, folk tales, science, math and history book etc. I can divide books into two category fiction and non-fiction.
The first group, fiction books are fantasy books which are written by author to get reader’s pleasure. These books are made up by author’s imaginary story.Literatures, novels, short stories, banned books, comedy books, drama, poetry, mystery, crime, horror, science fiction and romantic books are different kinds of non-fiction books. Picture story books, fairy tales, folk tales also include in these books. Science fiction books are stories about future events along with advances in technology as imagined by the author. Twilight, The Three Musketeers, Harry potter are the most famous fiction books in the world. When booklovers read these books, they are emergent idea in their mind to understand it better. Most of reader love to read fiction books in their daily life.
The second group, non-fiction books are fact full book with lot of information. There is a group of people who like to read these books. It includes biography, autobiography, journals, philosophy, real life thrillers, culture books, travel books, speeches, adventures, science books, history books. Science, Math, History books have truth facts. I like to read non-fiction books because it gives knowledge from past life. Authors usually talks about experiences and incidents that happen in their life or around their life in biography, autobiography and journal books. We can get knowledge, encouragement and inspiration to do something from these books. Some books also teach us how to do cooking, sewing, drawing, using computers and etc
In conclusion, we will know books have two major groups: one is fiction and other is non-fiction. Fiction is the fake book which wrote by author’s imagination. Non-fiction is reality book with someone experiences. Either it fiction or non-fiction but readers like to read books anyway.
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