Need help at collecting ideas, tomorrow oral test :(

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Apr 14, 2010
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tomorrow I've a group discussion at school as a taste of the upcoming oral test in 1 month. The discussion tomorrow is about "Should students work to get some extra money? - During Sunday afternoon your family has met to discuss about taking a job to earn some extra money".

My role is the oldest son (22) who wants to buy a car. He goes to University and wants to work during term-breaks.

Has anybody some arguments for my role?

I have to discuss in a group out of 5 people, (Mum, Dad, Me (22), little brother (18), little brother (13)). (So children vs. parents).

I found just these arguments for my role:

- Work experience
- More independent
- I'm old enough with 22 to decide by my own
- I don't need to borrow always the car of my parents
- I have more money to spend
- My parents don't need to support me so much like before
- I get an impression how the work I do is
-> Important for my working-life, that I know this is sth what I like / like not
- I have to start to handle my life slowly by my own

Has somebody more ideas? Some counter arguments against arguments of the parents would be also helpful.

Thanks for help!


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Sep 1, 2009
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- Real-life experience in your field of study (everyone wants job candidates that have worked in their field, universities don't provide enough opportunities for this)

- promise to keep regular study times/ not to neglect studies
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